What does “UNCLAIMED ACCOUNT” mean in Discord?

Discord unclaimed accounts are usually for new users who access the application through the use of the website.

As the name implies, an unclaimed account is an account that hasn’t been claimed by verifying using an email address. In Discord an unclaimed account still allows you to access all of it’s features.

These accounts are usually used for temporary access to the platform and typically require a server invite.

Discord, like most websites, requires you to make an account on their website to use the app. However, unlike other websites, Discord allows the use of something similar to guest accounts known as Discord unclaimed accounts.

This guide will show you what an unclaimed and how you can delete or keep it.

What does “UNCLAIMED ACCOUNT” mean in Discord?

As we previously mentioned, unclaimed accounts are Discord’s equivalent for a guest account.

Guest accounts are usually a term reserved for mobile games where it functions as a dummy account unique to the device and can’t be accessed outside of the device that was used to sign it in.

This limitation can easily be bypassed by linking the guest account to an email or service, making it an adequately registered account.

Discord is very similar and explained in this post. Unclaimed accounts are given to those who don’t have a Discord account and are invited to a server. 

This also requires the PC not to have Discord installed as unclaimed accounts are only possible via browser.

Accounts in Discord are unique as they are composed of 2 parts when added together, making a unique username exclusively for you.

The two parts we mentioned are the user ID and the Discriminator as seen here:

Most other websites require their users to have unique usernames between its users.

For Discord, on the other hand, because of how an account is composed of 2 parts, it allows for multiple iterations of users with the same username but a unique discriminator from the others.

This goes both ways where there can be discriminators of the same value but a unique user ID attached.

Here’s an example of the previous case where both accounts have the same username but a different discriminator.

With this, we know that Discord unclaimed accounts make more sense as all accounts are unique in Discord, particularly the Discriminator associated with the unclaimed accounts.

Unclaimed accounts can do just about anything a regular account can do, making it not much different from them.

Unclaimed accounts are indicated in your account page under user settings.

The act of claiming the account is usually for the Discriminator it is associated with. It is something predetermined upon account creation and requires Discord Nitro to modify it.

Claiming an account only requires you to associate it with an email address or a phone number along with a password.

This can be performed in the User Settings and My Account tab and selecting the “Claim Your Account” prompt.

How To Claim an Unclaimed Account on Discord

How to claim an unclaimed account on Discord

Claiming your unclaimed Discord account is simple and very on your face as you might notice Discord itself telling you to do so. You can see the option in the orange banner on top of the screen or in your user profile above your username.

Here are the simple steps involved with claiming an unclaimed Discord account:

  1. Either in the Discord App Homepage or under My Account in User Settings. Select on the Claim Account button both prompts as seen previously.
  1. You will then be greeted with a popup asking for you to input your email address along with a suitable password. This prompt will appear regardless of the two methods you pick.
  1. After you finished inputting an email and password, a verification link will be sent to it to confirm that you have signed up to Discord
  1. The email should look something like this and only need you to click on the Verify Email button. After you click it you will immediately be redirected to Discord telling you that the process was a success.
  1. This can be verified even further by returning to the Discord app and noticing that the orange banner asking you to claim your account has now disappeared.

How long does Discord keep an unclaimed account?

Although there’s varying entries for this, with Discord not deleting inactive accounts and Discord deleting accounts having been inactive for a month or so.

From forum posts such as this and a twitter post, Discord doesn’t delete any accounts for no reason aside from a violation of Terms of Service (TOS) or at an email request.

This fact applies to both unclaimed and claimed accounts in Discord and even extends to server inactivity.

As of the writing of this article, inactivity with your Discord account doesn’t equate to it being deleted from Discord’s server.

The previously mentioned criteria of a violation in TOS and at a user’s request are the only reasons an account would be removed.

Strictly speaking, unclaimed accounts that don’t fit these two criteria cannot be deleted even if they are inactive for long periods of time.

Unclaimed accounts are only kept active for as long as the browser that used it is still active and hasn’t been closed yet. 

This is because the account’s data is saved in the browser’s cache, more about this in later in the article.

How do you log out or delete an unclaimed account?

Logging out of your unclaimed account is really simple, and it can be done by following these steps:

  1. In your browser, open the Discord app page using this link: discord.com/channels/@me. It is important to use this link as the standard link will redirect you to Discord’s web homepage rather than the app.
  1. In the lower-left corner, click on the cogwheel to access user settings.
  1. In the User Settings, scroll all the way down until you see, in red text, “Log Out,” which will prompt you to confirm the logout.
  1. Afterward, you will be redirected to the Discord homepage, where you can log in using you preferred account, register one or download the app.

On the other hand, if you prefer to delete your account instead of logging out, you can follow these steps:

  1. Following steps 1 and 2 from how to log out of an account. In the User Settings portion, look for My Account and scroll all the way down until you see a “Delete Account” boxed in red.
  1. You will be prompted to confirm the account is being deleted. Simply select “Delete Account” again to confirm it.
  1. You will then be redirected to the login page for Discord marking your account deletion as a success.

How can you find your lost, unclaimed Discord account?

If you happen to like your account and have been using it but unfortunately didn’t claim that account when you close and exit your browser, it is almost impossible to recover it.

There are still two methods that you can try to get your unclaimed Discord account back.

Method #1: Reopen Discord Tab

It is possible to still recover and access it when you only close the tab that Discord is in.

“Typing in Discord” and “reopen the site again” won’t redirect you to their homepage, but instead you will be redirected to the Discord app with the unclaimed account you made previously.

Method #2: Recreate a new account

Simply create a new account with the previous user ID and Discriminator. Since your unclaimed Discord would be relatively new, hence the chances of someone actually claiming your desired user ID or Discriminator would be fairly low.

Method #3: Contact Discord Customer Service

Aside from the previous method, you can attempt to send a request to Discord’s customer service here and try to recover your unclaimed account.

This would require you to remember your complete User ID along with the Discriminator, as these are the two things that can set apart the unclaimed account from the rest.


As of the writing of this article, there is no direct way to recover any lost Discord unclaimed accounts aside from registering it with a valid email and phone number.

According to this thread over in Twitter, unclaimed Discord accounts are wiped as the browser is closed.

As clarified further on the same page, unclaimed accounts, when the browser is closed lose the ability to be logged back in and eventually become and remain inactive in the server.

The reason why this happens is because of how data is stored and managed in the cache. Every time we exit the browser, it will automatically clean itself of any cache and data to make the next time the browser launches a clean slate.

We previously mentioned that one way to delete your account is to clear Discord’s cache, that process is essentially being done automatically when you close your browser as it along with any other cache is effectively deleted from the browser.

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