How to Text Mute Someone on Discord

Discord is a popular platform that many people use to connect with their friends and other people worldwide.

Discord allows you to voice chat and send text messages with another in a Discord server.

Messages sent by members in a server can go out of hand sometimes with profanity and spam from bot accounts.

It makes it annoying for everyone on the server if they refuse to stop and continue with their messages.

One of the best ways to handle the situation is to mute them on the server.

Here in this article, let’s go over how to text mute someone on Discord and how we can make this process automatic for our convenience.

How to Text Mute Someone on Discord Server?

To text mute some on Discord, you first need to create a role that prevents them from sending any messages to any channel in your Discord server.

To start, you would need to access the Roles tab found in your Discord’s Server settings.

In the Roles tab, create a new role by clicking on the “Create Role” button. Name the role appropriately, like “Muted.”

Afterward, switch over to the role’s Permissions tab and, using the search function, find the “Send Messages” permissions and have it turned off.

Save the changes you did to the role to apply it to your server.

After that, you need to drag the role and position it on the top portion of the role list.

Then you can assign this muted role to any member in your server if you want them to stop sending messages on any server.

The last thing you want to do is add the role to channels you want them muted at.

Adding roles can be done by adding it individually for each channel or modifying the category.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can text-mute someone on Discord servers.

1. Access the Roles Tab in your Server Settings

You can find the option to modify and create new roles in your server through the Server settings option, which is found by clicking on the arrow found at the top portion of the server’s channel list.

It should be found where the server’s name is placed.

The Roles tab will immediately be found under the server’s Overview tab. Selecting it will show you a list of all the roles on your server.

2. Create a new Role

Click on the “Create Role” button to make a new role for muting members on the server. 

Set the role’s name to something appropriate like “Mute.” Additionally, you can customize it even further by selecting a color and allowing it to be displayed separately. 

3. Turn off any “Send Messages” Permissions

As soon as you finish customizing the role to your liking, switch over to the Permissions tab and, using the search function, remove any permission that allows them to send messages in a Discord server.

text mute someone on Discord

Additionally, you can remove their ability to use the voice chat by disabling “Use Voice Activity” if you want to prevent them from using the voice chat.

4. Reorder the new Mute Role to the top of the Role List

As soon as you finish modifying the permissions and the role, drag the role higher up in the list.

This is because if they have a higher role than the “Muted” role, the permissions for that role will overwrite the Muted role’s permission.

5. Modify Channel/Category Permissions

The step you want to do is to modify each channel by adding the muted role in their Permissions tab. To do this, right-click on the channel/category and select “Edit Channel” or “Edit Category,” respectively.

Go over to the Permissions tab and add the Muted role underneath the Advanced Permissions.

Scroll down until you find the same permissions as the ones found in the Role tab. Click on the X mark to prevent them from sending any messages, and Save the changes to apply them.

If someone who was muted attempts to send a message in the server, they will be greeted with”You do not have permission to send messages in this channel.”

How to Mute Someone on Discord for a Certain Amount of Time?

Now that we know how to mute someone through the role function in Discord, it can become annoying having to assign and remove the role whenever you want to mute and unmute someone, respectively. 

Discord might not have a built-in feature that can automatically mute a member and have them unmuted after a certain amount of time has passed, but this is still possible to pull off through the use of Discord bots.

For starters, you would want to add Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot (YAGPDB) to your Discord Server.

Under the Tool & Utilities option, select Moderation

Go over to the “Mute” tab and enable it.

Afterward, scroll down to the Mute role and select the role you made previously. Additionally, turn on the first option which allows the bot to manage the role.

Finally, in the last option, you can set how long someone will get muted. The time is counted by minutes, so be mindful of this.

With this, the bot is now properly configured to mute anyone on the server. Although, the bot is only capable of muting members if they reach several violations in the server.

This is configured in the Basic Automoderator tab under Tools & Utilities.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can automatically mute and unmute someone after a certain amount of time has passed.

1. Add YAGPDB to your Discord Server

You can add the bot to your server by going to the official site. Click on the “Add to Server” button found at the top portion of the site.

If you have the bot already added to the server, click on “Control Panel” instead.

Both scenarios will redirect you to the bot’s control panel to select the server where the bot was added to configure it. Next, select the server you want the bot to be configured.

2. Setup Mute function for the Moderator

Click Tools & Utilities to show a list of options. Select Moderation to configure the mute function, which is found in the Mute tab.

Enable the function and in the first option, select the role you made previously. Furthermore, turn on the first option underneath the dropbox, where it’ll allow YAGPDB to manage the role.

Enabling the function will make it easier for you as you don’t have to repeatedly modify a channel’s/category’s permissions.

In the last option, set the time for how long a member will be muted. This setting counts by the minute, so be sure you are placing the right number there. By default, this is 0, making them muted indefinitely.

3. Turn on Basic Automoderator

Afterward, turn on the Automoderator found in the Basic Automoderator tab under the same Tools & Utilities.

You can configure and enable different reasons why members are muted by configuring the tabs found in the Automoderator. 

For example, if you want a member to be muted for spamming, then turn on ‘Slow mode,” which only allows messages to be sent in an allotted time frame. 

Otherwise, if you want to mute a member for sending explicit words or websites, configure and enable “Banned Words” or “Banned Websites,” respectively.

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