How to Stream Crunchyroll on Discord

When it comes to watching anime, nothing can beat the experience of watching a show with your friends.

Popular streaming platforms such as Netflix and Crunchyroll, with the Crunchyroll having more anime options, make watching anime more accessible than before, and sometimes you would want to share the experience of a new show with your friends.

One of the best ways to do this is by sharing your screen in Discord so you and your friends can watch the show at the same pace.

However, a problem arises if you try to stream Crunchyroll on Discord, such as only being able to hear the audio and see the subtitles but completely unable to watch the show itself.

In this article, we’ll cover how to stream Crunchyroll on Discord and the previously mentioned blackscreen problem, along with a workaround you can try out to fix it.

How to Stream Crunchyroll on Discord?

Streaming an Anime episode from Crunchyroll to Discord is simple and can be done in 5 steps which we’ll be covering below:

1. Open the Crunchyroll Website and Login to your Account

Firstly, access Crunchyroll’s official website and log in to your account. If you don’t have one, consider signing up as the service is free, albeit with some premium features you can pay to get access to.

On Crunchyroll’s website, select an Anime to watch with your friends over in the Shows tab and select which episode to start.

2. Enter a Discord Channel and Select the Screen Share Function

Enter a Discord channel with your friends and find the Screen Share function, which should be above your profile in the server channel list.

In the Applications tab, where you pick which screen to share, select the window/browser you used to access Crunchyroll and click on the Go Live button to start streaming.

Make sure you share the application rather than your screen, as you will only be able to share the video feed and not the audio to go along with it.

Alternatively, if you use Discord from your browser, you can share the specific Crunchyroll tab you will be watching from rather than sharing your entire screen or a specific window.

This is effectively the same as sharing the application in the Desktop app.

3. Disable Hardware Acceleration

In your preferred browser, find and open its settings.

For this article, we will be using Google Chrome, a popular web browser that many people use.

Discord stream Crunchyroll

In your browser’s settings, look for any option that has the keyword “Hardware Acceleration.” This is usually found under the System category or Advanced Settings.

You can also use the search function or the command CTRL+F to immediately jump to the option if possible.

For Google Chrome, this is the option “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available.” Turning it off will fix the issue immediately.

4. Relaunch your browser to apply the settings

After changing your settings, perform a quick restart to make sure that the new configuration is applied.

As soon as the browser relaunches, go back to Crunchyroll and start watching anime with your friends over in Discord.

5. Turning off “Autoplay”

The only thing left to do is to press play in Crunchyroll’s video play and maximize it for full immersion. Afterward, you can just sit back and enjoy the show with your friends.

Keep in mind that tabbing out to another application or window will automatically pause the video.

You have the option to disable this feature by turning off “Autoplay” in the video player’s settings.

This will ensure that the video will continue playing even if you have to change windows. 

Also if you want to show your friends on your Discord status what anime/episode you’re watching on Crunchyroll, check out our guide on Showing Custom Status on Discord.

Why do I get a Black Screen when Streaming Crunchyroll on Discord?

One of the main problems usually encountered when people look for how to stream Crunchyroll on Discord is getting a black screen in place of the actual show in the video player.

This presents itself with the audio and subtitles being heard and seen but no video to accompany it.

In Discord, the stream would look something like this:

The reason why this happened is because of different DRM apps which are used to prevent piracy.

Many streaming applications and platforms use these types of apps to prevent recording and screen sharing of anything posted on their website.

This acts as anti-piracy protection for their services which unfortunately restricts you from sharing and watching anime with your friends in Discord.

Fortunately, there is a workaround for this problem.

It involves disabling your browser’s Hardware Acceleration feature, which, when disabled, actually prevents these measures from working, allowing you to stream and watch anime with your friends in Discord.

Follow the steps above on how you can disable hardware acceleration.

Can you Stream Crunchyroll on Discord with Mobile?

It is completely possible to stream Crunchyroll Anime on Discord through your mobile, albeit with two main limitations.

The first one is that it is only possible to stream using a Browser from your Mobile rather than directly from Crunchyroll’s app.

This all goes back to the previous entry where you will be streaming a black screen with just the audio and subtitles playing but no direct workarounds available on the mobile app.

Secondly, screen sharing in Discord mobile will usually only share what is on your mobile screen and not the audio to go along with it. Again, this is because the feature is still experimental.

If you and your friends are ok with these limitations, you can follow these steps to stream Crunchyroll on your mobile phone.

1. In a Voice Channel, select the Screen Share function

Make sure you are already in a voice channel in Discord and select the screen share function first, which is the 2nd option you should see.

2. Using Browser access the Crunchyroll Website

Using a web browser like Chrome, access Crunchyroll’s website the same way you would on Desktop.

3. Rotate your phone and view in Landscape mode

Hit the fullscreen button and click on play in the video to watch some Anime with your friends.

You can also rotate your phone to landscape so you can get the entire video. The stream will automatically reorient itself to match it.

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