7 Effective Ways to Stop Spam on a Discord Server

One of the most common problems you can encounter when managing a Discord server is members or bots who spam messages, send malicious links, and other similar offenses that no one ever likes.

Fortunately, there are several ways to combat this problem and make managing a Discord server easier.

If you have been looking for ways to stop spam on Discord servers, then look no further than this article as we go through several ways you can combat spam and improve your Discord server.

1. Create Designated Channel for Self-Promotions

Part of what makes spam annoying is the number of pings and notifications you can get from the message being sent.

One example of Discord spam is bot messages or self-promotions.

However, since these messages are usually repeated and are usually reserved for their targeted users, you can create channels specifically for these types of messages.

This will allow your members to decide which channels to mute as well as change the notification settings.

In addition, this will prevent users from getting annoyed by the ping icon and the highlighted text when an unread message is available.

There’s no proper naming convention for these channels as long as it makes sense. You can also make it easier to distinguish them by using categories like this:

How to stop spam on discord server

2. Text Channel Cleanup Bots

The two bots we recommend are CleanChat and AutoDelete. Both are simple channel management bots that can delete certain messages.

These are useful in spam channels as they can be used to delete messages.

CleanChat is used to delete messages meant for bot commands.

The bot makes it so that the messages themselves are immediately deleted as soon as the user sends out a bot command (however, it is possible to set a delay).

On the other hand, AutoDelete is a bot that would delete all messages sent in the channel after a certain amount of time has passed.

Compared to CleanChat, AutoDelete is a bit tricky to set up, but we have your back with this guide here:

  1. As soon as you invite the bot, navigate to the channel you want the bot to function
  1. In the channel, type the command “@AutoDelete set” and a number to initialize the time when messages will get deleted.
  1. If you want messages to be deleted after several messages are sent, then simply add a number at the end of the command. For example, with the command “@AutoDelete set 10”, messages will be deleted after ten other messages.
  1. If you want messages to be deleted after a certain amount of time has passed, then add either s, m, or h after the number for seconds, minutes, and hours, respectively. For example, if we use the command “@AutoDelete set 24h”, messages will be automatically deleted after 24 hours have passed.

Using any of the two bots can help enhance your server by keeping designated spam channels clean by preventing messages from cluttering them up. 

One of the main reasons spam is sent is because of bot accounts. These are accounts that are controlled by a bot and/or were hacked.

One way to prevent spam in your Discord channel is to verify new members one by one and assign them a role that can access other channels and require members to reach a certain verification level.

3. Adding Server Verification

Activating member verification in your server is one way to guarantee that any members aren’t bot accounts and are actual users.

For example, suppose any member can’t properly reach the requirements for verification in your server.

In that case, they cannot chat in any channel, which can prevent any spam from random accounts.

Here is how you can activate member verification in your server:

  1. In your Server Settings, select the Moderation tab
  1. In the Moderation tab, you will immediately see a category named “Verification Level.” By default, this is set to “None.”
  1. Click on any of the options from low to highest. Each level has a description of what it requires any new member to fulfill on top of any previous requirements any level lower it has.
  1. Clicking on the “Save Changes” button will immediately apply this setting to the server.

4. Assign New Member Roles

Another way to prevent spam and suspicious users is to assign new members roles if they prove they are actual users.

To do this, you would need to change the default permissions in the server and create a role with all the default permissions available. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. In your Server Settings, select the Roles tab
  1. In the Roles tab, click on Default Permissions. This should be the @everyone role.
  1. Turn off the “View Channels” option. You can also turn off other permissions, such as the ability to send any messages or use the @everyone ping.
  1. Create a new role and name it whatever you want. Make sure to place it above the @everyone role. Follow all the other default permissions in @everyone but make sure “View Channels” is turned on instead of off. 

New users will need to be manually assigned this role to see any channels in your server. If they don’t have this role, they’ll be unable to see or access anything in the channel unless permitted.

If you want to let new members see any channels so they can communicate with the moderators, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Right-click any channel (or category) and click on Edit Channel
  1. Go over to the Permissions tab, and under Advanced Permissions, select the @everyone role
  1. You can see similar permissions for the role with a cross, slash, and check option. The slash option will follow default role settings, with the other two overriding the default option.
  1. Clicking on the checkmark will override the default permission and allow new members that have yet to be assigned the other role to view the specified channel.

5. Activate a Text Channel’s Slow mode

A built-in feature with Discord that can help reduce spam is Slow mode.

Slow mode is a feature that is unique to each timing that restricts members from sending messages in the channel until a certain amount of time has passed. 

Here is how to activate slow-mode for a text channel:

  1. Right-click the channel you want slow-mode activate and select Edit Channel
  1. In the Overview tab, you will see a slider under Slow mode.
  1. Moving the slider to the right will select the amount of time each user has to wait before sending a message. By default, this is turned off.
  1. Hitting “Save Changes” will immediately apply slow-mode to the channel, which will be indicated below the message box.

Discord bots are always a fun addition to the server, but they can also be used to manage your server to prevent spam as well as automatically modulate your members.

If you are looking for stopping spam on Discord servers, you can try out these bots. 

6. Using RaidCleaner Bot

RaidCleaner is a bot that can solve most spam-related problems in your server.

Aside from spam, as the name implies, it can also prevent raids from your server by limiting the number of users in your server and blocking and deleting any messages with suspicious links.

The bot only needs to be invited to your server and type the command “r!setup” to get the bot started.

After that, it will automatically set itself up without requiring you to do anything complicated.

7. Using MEE6 Auto Moderator

MEE6 is another bot like RaidCleaner but is more versatile but can take some time to set up.

MEE6 is a good bot used for auto-moderation. It can be used to prevent spam as well as perform automatic role assignments.

Setting Up Auto Moderator

  1. In your MEE6 Dashboard, which is accessed by logging in to their website. Select a server from the list and click on “Setup.” This will prompt you to invite the bot to the server.
  1. In the bot’s plugin gallery, scroll over to Server Management and enable Moderator by adding the plugin
  1. Scroll down until “Auto-Moderator.” You can see several categories which are disabled by default. Click on the box will allow you to select from a list of actions for the bot to perform.
  1. Additionally, clicking on the icon on the upper right portion of each category allows you to configure which channel and role are free from this restriction.
  1. Below Auto-Moderator, you have the option to kick, ban, or mute members who reach several strikes. This can be done by clicking on “Add Action” and configuring the three white boxes, with the first one being the action followed by the number as well the time frame of the infractions.
  1. Clicking on the save in the popup will immediately apply all these to your channel.

Setting Up Reaction Role

If you want users to add roles to themselves, such as the role which allows you to view other channels.

You can use this feature of this MEE6 so they can do it themselves.

This can also be used to verify users & filter out bots as your members need to manually react to the message with the right emoji in order to perform actions like sending out a message.

  1. In the plugin gallery, enable Reaction Roles by adding the plugin.
  1. Select which channel MEE6 will send the message 
  1. Configure the message that MEE6 will send. You would want to add information on what emote to use to get the role.
  1. Clicking on Add Reaction will prompt you to select an emoji from your server. Clicking on the plus icon beside the emoji will show a list of the roles in your server. You can add multiple roles to one emote, which will be automatically assigned when the message gets a reaction from the corresponding emote.
  1. Select save to finish the setup and send the message.

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