How to Block Sending Images on Discord

In Discord, one of the ways that members in a server can communicate with one another is through messages.

Discord allows you to send emojis and pictures in their text channel, which can help get your message across.

Sometimes, we would like to send images just to show off things we have or our pets.

However, some members would take advantage of the feature and sometimes send inappropriate images that can be unsettling for many other members.

Deleting the images wouldn’t fix the problem since the damage has already been done.

The best way to handle this is by preventing them from being able to send images at all.

In this article, we’ll cover how to block sending images on Discord and how you can stop certain members from doing the same. 

How to Block Sending Images on Discord

If you want to block sending images on Discord servers, you would need to disable 2 permissions that allow members to send images on the server.

To stop members from sending images in your server, access your server’s Roles in your Server settings.

Then, click on the Default Permissions. Make sure the role you are editing is the @Everyone role.

Find the “Attach files” and “Embed Links” permission using the search function and disable them.

You have now successfully blocked images from being sent to your Discord server.

Unfortunately, it also stops other features, such as sending any file types and embeds for any links sent.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can block images from being sent on your Discord server.

Step 1. Access the Roles Tab in your Server Settings

To find the option to modify and create new roles on your server, simply click on the Server settings, which can be accessed by clicking on the arrow located on top of the server’s channel list.

It should also be where you can find the server’s name.

You will immediately find the Roles tab underneath the server’s overview.

Switching over to the tab will show a list of all the roles on your server, as well as an option to make a new one.

Step 2. Select the Default Permissions/@Everyone role.

Next, select the option that says “Default Permissions,” which is the first thing you’ll see. 

You will be redirected to the Permissions tab of the @Everyone role. Scroll down until you see “Embed Links” and “Attach Files,” which are right next to each other, and disable the permission.

block sending image in discord server

We need to disable both permissions as attaching images to files is the primary way to send images to the server.

Any links of images that were sent will automatically get converted to the picture itself since it is treated as an Embed in Discord.

Step 3. Save the Changes to Apply it to your server

Click on the “Save Changes” popup to apply it to your server.

Now, every member aside from the server owner and admins will not be able to send any images to the server.

Additionally, they would lack the ability to attach files or generate link previews.

How to Stop Specific Members from Sending Images on Discord

The previous method above completely disables the ability to send images in a Discord server which not everyone would like.

It is possible to stop specific members instead from sending images rather than the entire server.

To start, we would need to create a new role in the server.

When creating the new role, make sure to disable “Attach Files” and “Embed Links.”

Afterward, go to the channel/category you want them to stop sending images to and modify its permissions

Add the role you just created and click on the X mark of the same settings you disabled.

Now all you need is to assign the role to the member you want to stop sending images, and they won’t be able to send images to that channel.

Remember to reenable the permissions we disabled over at the Default Permissions to allow the rest of your members to send images.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to stop specific members from sending images on your Discord server.

Step 1. Create a New Role

Back in the Roles tab in your server, create a new role by selecting the appropriate button.

You can customize the role to your likings, such as setting the name, role color, and other options available for the role.

Step 2. Turn off the “Attach Files” and “Embed Links” Permissions

When you finish customizing the role, switch over to the Permissions tab and scroll down until you find “Attach Files” and “Embed Links” from the list of permissions.

Disable the permissions and save the changes to apply them.

Then, reorder the newly created role to be placed at the upper portion of the list as other roles of higher hierarchy in the list with different permissions will override this role if they are on the same member.

Step 3. Modify your Server’s Channel/Category Permissions

Right-click the channel or category you want them to stop sending images to and select “Edit Channel” / ”Edit Category,” respectively.

Modifying the category will apply the modification to every channel under the category making it more convenient.

Switch over to the Permissions tab, then, under Advanced Permissions, add the role you just created to the Role/Member list.

Scroll down the role’s permissions list and similar to before, disable the “Attach Files” and “Embed Links” permission by clicking on the X mark.

You would need to repeat this for every channel/category in your channel to stop them from sending images at all.

Step 4. Reenable the Default Permissions

The last step you have to do is to reenable the same Permissions on the Default Permissions if you had previously disabled them.

Reenabling the function allows your members, by default, to send images to your server.

To stop any member from sending pictures to the server, all you need to do is assign the role you previously created to prevent them from sending pictures.

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