How to Show/Hide Cursor on Discord Livestream

One of Discord’s most popular features is the ability to share screens in any voice channel.

This feature is especially useful when you want to share your gameplay for your friends to enjoy or for other purposes like teaching someone how to use photoshop or helping someone troubleshoot and fix problems they might have with their computers.

When it comes to live streaming in Discord, showing/hiding our mouse cursor comes down to personal preference.

Sometimes it is useful to have the cursor showing as it makes it easier for the audience to track your mouse’s movements while it can also be distracting.

Whichever reason you want to show/hide your cursor, this article will be helpful for you as we’ll be discussing different ways you can show/hide the mouse cursor on Discord live streams.

How to Show Cursor on Discord Livestream

There are several ways on how to show cursor on Discord Livestream/screen share. There are two ways to do this, which we’ll go over below.

Method #1. Disabling “Use our Latest Technology to Capture your Screen”

1. Open Discord User Settings

In Discord, open your User Settings located at the bottom-most portion of your server/channel list beside the mute and deafen icons.

2. Access the Voice & Video tab

In the User Settings, look for the Voice & Video tab underneath the App Settings category.

3. Disable “Use Our Latest Technology to Capture your Screen”

How to Show Cursor on Discord Livestream

In the Voice & Video tab, scroll down until you find the option “Use our Latest Technology to Capture your Screen.”

This is underneath the Screen Share category and is turned on by default.

Disabling the option will allow your cursor to be displayed when you stream the application in Discord.

4. Share screen as application

Refresh Discord using the CTRL+R to apply the settings and share your application.

Additionally, you can share your entire screen to show your cursor regardless of whether the option is turned on or off, but you won’t be able to share your audio, and it might be risky if you are not careful with what you show.

Method #2. Adding a Pointer Trail

1. Open your Mouse Settings

You can open your “mouse’s settings” by simply typing it in your computer’s search bar. This part will only contain basic options for your mouse controls/options.

2. Access your Mouse Properties

On the right portion of the mouse settings windows, under Related settings, click on “Additional Mouse Options.”

This will cause another window to appear, with different tabs that you can pick to modify your mouse’s configuration.

3. In the Pointer Options Tab, Turn on “Display Pointer Trails”

Under the Pointer Options tab in the Mouse Property, enable “Display Pointer Trails” and set it as “Short.”

Additionally, you can turn off “Hide Pointer While Typing” if you wish, and you can keep the other option turned off. Hit “Apply,” and you can close the window.

This will cause small trails in your mouse to appear, which will be reflected in your Discord stream.

However, it won’t show if you stay idle and only when you move your mouse around. 

How to Hide Cursor on Discord Livestream

One of the best methods to hide cursor on Discord livestream/screen is to make use of OBS and re-enabling “Use our Latest Technology to Capture your Screen.”

For using the OBS method, we will be going through how to do this:

1. Make a new Scene in OBS

In OBS, create a new scene that you can use for streaming. You can name this however you want to

2. Add a new Video Source

In the new scene you just created, add a new video source to the scene. This can either be a game capture, display capture, or window capture. Choose whichever one you want to share.

3. Disable “Capture Cursor”

How to hide Cursor on Discord Livestream

When setting up the new video source, uncheck the “Capture Cursor” option, which is turned on by default. Then, hit OK to add the scene and video.

4. Project your Scene

Right-click the scene you are in and select “Windowed Projector.” This will cause a new window to appear that has whatever is displayed in your OBS playing in it.

5. Share the Projected Scene in Discord

In Discord, share the window that contains the projected scene. The specific window will have the name “Windowed Projector.”  

Since the source has the mouse cursor disabled, it will subsequently not display it at all.

This allows you to hide your mouse cursor in cases where you want to share your entire screen (using Display Capture) and hide your cursor, which would be impossible under normal circumstances in Discord.

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