How to Show Custom Status on Discord

Discord’s Activity status is a nifty little feature that allows your profile to display your current game.

The feature is helpful as it will enable you to see the different games your fellow members are playing and showcase the game you are playing to them while also being able to find yourself a player too.

The feature, at its base, can only show game applications but can do so much more with the recent release of Discord’s Rich Presence feature.

This feature, along with applications such as making a Discord Music status from your playlist in YouTube to show the kind of music you like or create a Discord Watching status for the current show you’re binging over in Netflix.

How to show what you’re currently watching / listening to on your Discord Status?

To show what you’re currently watching or listening to you need to install PreMiD’s application and extension; turn on the Display Current Activity as Status Message; select the applications on PreMiD.

Using PreMiD

An application you can use to have your custom Discord watch and music status is PreMiD.

PreMiD is a combination of a desktop application and web browser extension that allows you to customize your Discord profile by making custom Discord Music Status and Discord Watch Status.

Besides these base features, it also allows additional sites and services such as Disney+, TikTok, and Apple Music through their presence store.

The application is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux while also compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari web browsers to go with the operating system.

Let’s go over the installation process as well as how to use the application.

Step 1. Setting Up PreMiD

Discord show Music Status

Download the appropriate version of the application from the official downloads page here.

When the download finishes, install the program on your computer

A small rectangle icon with the apps logo in white will appear in your system tray, signifying a successful installation

Back on the downloads page, install the extension in the respective browser.

In this case here, we downloaded the google chrome version. Make sure to match the version with the browser you are using.

If the browser you are using isn’t listed here, then you would need to download it.

As soon as you add the application, an extension icon will appear in your browser with the same logo in your system tray.

It is essential to have both the web extension and the desktop app for the entire process to work.

If you only have one or the other, the app won’t function at all.

Step 2. Checking if Everything is Working

As the application uses your browser as a reference for what to Display, the control panel and the application settings can only be accessed in the browser.

So make sure to restart your browser and Discord to make sure everything is connected and working.

Verify the Desktop app is connected to the web extension. This needs the browser to be open as well as the desktop app.

This can be verified by right-clicking the system icon and if it says “Extension – Connected” underneath the app name.

After you finished the previous step, we have to make sure that PreMiD’s web extension could establish a connection to Discord. The only way to verify this is to view PreMiD’s popup window in the browser.

In the upper right corner of the popup window, your Discord profile icon should appear signifying a successful connection.

In Discord, make sure the activity status is turned on. This can be accessed in User settings > Activity Settings and Activity Status.

Make sure Display Current Activity as Status Message is ticked on.

Step 3. Using PreMiD

Once you check that everything is functioning and connected with everything, return to the web browser extension.

When you clicked it previously, you saw the list of websites and services compatible with the application.

You can click on the slider to turn off/on the service you want to use.

As long as the service is turned on, your Discord will create a custom status for music and watching when you are in the site and using it.

For example, it’ll display the message “Playing YouTube” or “Playing Netflix,” depending on the site you are using.

Additionally, if you want to add other sites, you can click the button that says “Presence Store” on the PreMiD browser’s extension.

In the app’s store, you can choose from a wide selection of available sites.

To add a site to your extension, click it on the shop and select “Add Presence” after the website refresh. It’ll immediately get added to your extension.

Using Spotify

To have a Discord music status through Spotify, you only need to link your Discord and Spotify. You can do so by following these steps:

Discord show watching status

In User Settings, Select Connections

Click on the Spotify logo. You will be redirected to a Spotify website where you need to login to your Spotify account.

As soon as you login, Discord will be automatically linked to Spotify as seen in this web page

You can confirm it, when you see it appear in your connected app list.

As soon as you start playing a song in Spotify, your status message will change to “Listening to Spotify” with the song you are listening to.

Is PreMiD Against Discord TOS

Now you might be wondering if using PreMiD is safe? Does it place your account at the risk of violating Terms of Service (ToS)?

The answer to this is a simple NO. As seen over at this thread in Twitter, PreMiD doesn’t violate Discord ToS as it doesn’t involve client modification, which violates the TOS.

As we mentioned previously, one of Discord’s newer features is Rich Presence which allows for games to display as profile status messages.

Rich Presence is responsible for a myriad of Discord’s unique features, such as sending customized Discord invites to your game lobby or watching other players play the game.

It also allows for games outside of Steam and similar services to function with Discord when it isn’t available by default.

This is all possible as a rich presence is made available for the public to use.

Additionally, PreMiD makes use of this feature from Discord to make custom Discord Watching status possible without violating any of Discord’s TOS.

PreMiD Cannot Connect to Discord

This issue is usually caused because Discord is running as an administrator. This makes it impossible for PreMiD to connect to Discord since it has higher privileges than PreMiD.

To stop Discord from opening as admin, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click your Discord Shortcut and Select Properties
  1. In the Shortcut tab, select Advanced
  1. In advanced properties, deselect the “Run as Administrator” option
  1. Click on Apply, then restart Discord again. The app should be able to connect now.

Netflix doesn’t show up

The main reason why Netflix won’t show up in PreMiD is usually attributed to anti-piracy. This can be worked around, however, by disabling your browser’s hardware acceleration.

This is usually found in the settings option underneath Advanced of any web browser or searching for “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available” if available, then disabling it.

It’ll require the browser to be relaunched as a result but should fix Netflix not working with PreMiD.


Showing more of your media status can definitely boost your presence amongst your friends on Discord.

There are literary hundreds of websites that PreMiD can connect to, so don’t forget to use this feature to its fullest by adding all your favorite websites.

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