How to See Facebook Video Views Count?

Facebook has long changed from a simple social media site to a large platform with multiple features such as Facebook Market, where you can buy and sell things and the ability to create and share various content through Facebook Pages.

Usual content found on Facebook normally comes as pictures or videos posted by different pages and accounts.

While you can create content and post them through your profile, unlike Facebook pages, you can’t have an insight into your account, preventing you from checking things like your video’s view count.

This makes you think you have gotten your Facebook temporarily blocked from using this feature. 

However, that is not the case, as there is a way to check the view count of any videos you uploaded to your account, which we’ll go over in this article.

Here in this article, we’ll show you how to see Facebook video view count and answer some questions you might have about it.

How to See Facebook Video Views Count?

Unlike pages in Facebook, where an insight tab is readily available that allows you to check your page’s video view count, videos uploaded to personal accounts won’t have the video view count readily available.

To view your video’s view count, you need to view your account as “Public.”

To start, open your Facebook profile by opening the menu by tapping on the three lines found in the Facebook app. Tap on the portion that says “See your profile” underneath your name.

In your profile, tap on the three dots found beside the “Edit Profile” button to access your Profile settings.

In your profile settings, tap on the “View as” option to view your Facebook profile as “Public.”

From here, scroll through your profile’s feed until you find the original post for the video. The view count should appear on the right corner underneath the video beside the number of shares the video has.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to see Facebook video view counts.

1. Tap on the Three Lines to Open your Menu

To check your video views, you have to access your Facebook profile. The first step is to open the Facebook app’s menu by tapping on the three lines found at the right portion of the app besides the bell icon (Notifications tab).

2. Tap on “See your Profile”

In the app’s menu, you will immediately see your account’s name, and under it text saying “See your profile.” Tap on this portion of the menu to be redirected to your Facebook profile immediately.

Alternatively, you can access your Facebook profile the same way you access other people’s profiles by tapping on their icon in your news feed.

3. Access your Profile Settings by Tapping on the Three Dots 

The next step is to open your profile settings. Your profile settings can only be accessed through your Facebook profile and by tapping on the three dots found below your Facebook account name and description and right beside the “Edit Profile” button.

You will then be redirected to a page containing several options that allow you to modify and change anything in your Facebook profile.

4. Select “View as”

From the profile settings, select “View as” to view your Facebook profile through the public setting. This means that you are checking your account as someone who is not your friend or is blocked by you.

This also means that any posts, including videos, that were not posted under the “Public” visibility will be hidden. If your video was posted using anything other than public, then you won’t be able to view your video until you change the original post’s visibility to “Public.”

5. Scroll Through Your Profile Feed Until You Find the Original Video Post

How to See Facebook Video Views Count?

After tapping “View as” and making sure your video is public, scroll through your news feed until the original video post is found.

Everything here is ordered chronologically, so if you check the view count for something recent, you will almost immediately find it.

Conversely, trying to check something you posted several years ago will take some time as you have to take a few minutes to scroll down until you find it.

You will see the video’s view count right under the video in the video post. It will be found on the right side of the video beside the number of shares the video was able to have.

The number here reflects the number of unique account views the video could get.

Does It Add to the View Count if You Watch Your Own Video?

Uploading a video to either your Facebook profile or page and then viewing it will not count towards increasing the view count.

Using the method above to check the views and watching the video will also not count towards the increasing view count.

The simple logic behind this is it wouldn’t make sense for the creator to increase their own video’s view count by watching their content.

Views on Facebook will only increase if someone else other than the creator watches the video and if they viewed the video for at least three seconds. Fulfilling both requirements will add one view to the video’s total view count.

Does Facebook Count Multiple Views From The Same IP Address?

Yes, Facebook will count multiple views from users of the same IP address.

Unlike other platforms that add views based on IP addresses or a combination of systems, Facebook uses a “Logged On Service” system which allows for multiple views from the same IP addresses provided that they come from different accounts.

This is because Facebook is a user-based service meaning that it tracks one unique view per Facebook account.

Watching a video with your original account then switching to another account and watching the same video will increase the video’s total view count by two.

This makes it so that your total view count will only count unique users who have viewed the video.

Going to another IP address or using a VPN service then logging into an account that has already seen the video and watching it again will not add to the total view count based on this system.

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