How to Recover Closed DMs on Discord

Similar to other messaging and social platforms, Discord allows private Direct Messages (DMs) to be sent between users. As the name implies, it is a more private way of communication between users.

A list of all your DMs can be found in the Home page, where it would replace your channel list in the server.

To avoid cluttering the list, you can close DMs which removes it from the list, seemingly deleting the entire conversation with no way to recover it.

If you ever accidentally closed any of your DMs or looking for any old messages you’ve lost, then look no further as this article will cover several methods you can try to recover closed DMs on Discord.

There are two scenarios here when it comes to recovering a closed DM on Discord:

How to Recover Closed DMs on Discord

When you close a DM in Discord, the conversation is simply removed from your list of DMs.

One of the ways to recover this is to receive a new message from the other user, or you can access it again through their profile which can be done by following these steps.

Method #1. Go through Your Friend List

How to recover closed DM's on Discord

This method only works if you are friends in Discord. If you accidentally closed a DM with one of your friends, you can search for them in your Discord friend list under the “All” tab.

When you find your friend, click on the Message Bubble Icon beside the three dots. This will immediately redirect you and re-open your DMs with the user.

The placement of the conversation depends on when the latest message was sent. If it was just recent, it’ll be placed at the top, but it will be placed lower in the list if some time has passed.

Method #2. Go Through Mutual Servers

how to find close DM's on Discord

If you aren’t friends with the user on the server, your next best bet is through mutual servers.

You should look for a server both you and the other user are still members of.

Being a member of the same server allows you to view their profile anytime by clicking on them in the member’s list.

This step is very straightforward as you just need to find them in the member list of the server. Once you find them click on their name to create a popup of their profile banner.

Hovering and clicking on their profile icon will display their profile summary. If you are friends with them, you can click on the green button that says “Send Message” to re-open your DM.

If you aren’t friends, then the green button would be “Send Friend Request” instead.

You can still message them by clicking the three dots beside the button and selecting “Message” instead.

This functions essentially the same as the previous method.

How to Find Unfriended Friends on Discord

If none of the above methods worked, this is usually because the account you were trying to recover your DMs with was deleted or blocked.

While it might seem impossible to recover a DM because of this, it is still possible through your Discord data package.

The easiest way to do this is through Friendcord. Friendcord is an app that takes a keyword from you and searches for matches in your Discord data package.

It creates a text file that contains a summary of the chats that would have it. In addition, you can use a text file to find the User ID of any deleted or unfriended accounts.

Let’s go over how to set up and use Friendcord and how the application can help us recover closed DMs.

1. Download and Setup Friendcord

Friendcord can be downloaded directly here or in their server’s official download channel. Don’t worry about Google Drive saying it detected an issue as the program is completely safe. 

Simply place the downloaded application in the same folder you have your unzipped package to set up the application.

For this article, we placed both files in a folder named “Friendcord.”

With all this finished, you are ready to start using Friendcord.

2. Enter a Unique Keyword in Friendcord

When you open Friendcord, you will be greeted with a black window asking for something you typed in your DMs.

Type in keyword that you remember was a part of the DM. The more unique and specific the word/phrase is, the easier it will be to find the DM.

3. Retrieve the User ID

As soon as the program finishes searching your messages, a text file will be opened showing a summary of the DMs which contained your keyword.

Once you find the DM that was closed, look for the “Friend ID” portion of the chat and copy the User ID of the person you were chatting with.

If you happen to have multiple results, you can easily navigate each user using the CTRL+F function and the keyword “CHAT-1,” with the number changing depending on the number of chat conversations.

4. Go to Discord Lookup

In Discord Lookup, you would want to paste the User ID copied in the text file. You will then be able to see the current username of the ID owner or something similar to this if the account was deleted.

Copy the username and head over to Discord

5. Send a Friend Request

In Discord, you would want to send a friend request to the user using the username you just copied. This also works with deleted users.

Switch over to the Pending tab in Discord, where you can see a list of any pending friend requests you sent. Similar to the first step, click on them to view their profile.

Clicking on the three dots at the right will give you an option to Message them, which will automatically re-open your DMs with them if they were closed.

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