Can Someone Read Your Message After You Block Them on Facebook?

Facebook Messenger is a popular platform that almost everyone uses to communicate between friends, family, work and schoolmates, and even strangers online. 

Although communicating with others is fun, it isn’t always the case because conversations can sometimes take a turn for the worse, or the other person is just a bot sending spam. Whichever the case might be, the best answer is to block them.

Blocking someone in Messenger is a useful and neat function that allows you to completely ignore someone if you feel threatened or unsafe talking to them.

However, several questions such as “Can someone read your message after you block them” If you send a message on Facebook and then block them, can they still read it?

In this article, we’ll go over these questions below and cover how exactly the block function works.

Can Someone Read Your Message After You Block Them on Facebook

Messenger’s block feature allows you to completely ignore any messages sent by the person. Furthermore, they won’t have explicit knowledge that they were blocked by you.

In cases where a person sends a message then proceeds to block someone, would they still be able to read that message?

The answer is yes, they can, if you sent them a message and then blocked them, the other person would still be able to read the latest message they sent prior to getting blocked.

Another scenario you might think is if someone can still read your messages like your chat history after you block them.

The answer to this is also yes, unfortunately when you delete your message history with someone you are only really deleting your copy of the conversation. 

Unfriending someone on Facebook doesn’t also delete your message history but will instead place it in your Archived Chats.

If I Unblock Someone on FB Messenger, will I get Messages they Sent when I Blocked Them?

When you unblock someone in Facebook Messenger, any messages sent by the blocked user will not show up in your version of the chatbox.

However, it is slightly different for the other user as the messages they sent you while blocked will remain in their chat box as part of the chat history.

if you send someone a message on facebook and then block them can they still read it

Additionally, any messages they sent to you while they were blocked will be immediately marked as read after you view any message they sent you after you unblocked them.

How Do You Get Messages Back After Blocking Someone on Facebook Mobile

When you block someone in Messenger, the chat conversation you have will remain in your chat list in Messenger. You have the option to either keep them in your chat list, archive the chat, or delete the chat.

If you choose the latter, which is to delete your chat, you will permanently lose your copy of your conversation.

The other person will still have their copy of the chat conversation, but you won’t.

Additionally, they also will not know or be notified that you deleted your chat conversation.

If you choose the former, which is to archive the chat, by doing so will place the chat conversation into your chat archives. 

You can access your Archived Chats by following these steps:

How to retrive archived messages on Mobile

1. Click on profile icon to access “Archived Chats”

For the mobile version of Messenger, you can find the option of accessing your Archived Chats by clicking on your profile icon in the upper left corner of the app.

Within the first three options, selecting “Archived Chats” will take you to a list of your Archived Chats

2. Long Press the chat conversation to bring up the option to “unarchive”

To restore an archived chat for mobile, long-press the chat conversation until an option to unarchive appears below. Selecting it will restore the chat conversation.

Archived chats will usually contain group chats that you were a part of before leaving.

If the person was unblocked while archived, they immediately return to your chat list if they send any new messages.

Otherwise, they’ll remain in your archived chats until you unblock them.

How to retrieve messages from Spam folder on Mobile

The same is true if you use the “Ignore Messages” function in Messenger, but the chat conversation will be moved to your “Spam” folder instead of getting deleted or placed into your Archived Chat.

The spam folder is only accessible via the Mobile app of Messenger. You can access it by following these steps:

1. Click on profile icon and go to “Message Requests”

In the same menu you used to access your archived message, select “Message Requests” instead.

At the top portion of the app, you will see two categories which are “You May Know” and “Spam.” Selecting the latter will show any messages you marked as Spam or were ignored.

2. Reply to conversation to unmark as spam

To unmark a message as “spam,” you would need to reply to the conversation to do so.

Additionally, you have the option to delete the chat or leave if it is a group chat. Leaving will cause the group chats to be placed in your Archived Messages, while deleting will permanently delete the chat conversation. 

How Do You Get Messages Back After Blocking Someone on Facebook Desktop

1. Go to messenger and click on the three dots at top right corner

In the Desktop version of Messenger, click on the three dots found at the top of your chat conversation list.

2. Click on “Archived Chats”

Select the “Archived Chats” option.

Your chat conversation list will change to Archived Chats. You can click on any chat box to view the message history before you left/archived the chat.

3. Click on the 3 dot beside the conversation and select “Unarchive Chat”

You can restore an archived chat by hovering over the chat conversation and clicking on the three dots that’ll appear on it.

Selecting the “Unarchive Chat” will restore the chat conversation.

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