6 Ways To Run Multiple Instances of Discord

A limitation in Discord is that you can only be in one voice channel per account making it possible to miss out on anything that might be happening in other channels. Some people prefer to work around this limitation by making multiple accounts however this can get pretty tedious and annoying having to manage and keep track of multiple accounts. In actuality, you only need one account with multiple instances of Discord to work around this limitation. It is more convenient and manageable than having to keep track of multiple accounts.

A side note, however, is that despite having multiple instances with the same account you are only able to join voice channels in different servers and not the same servers which is the only advantage that having multiple accounts can have.

Creating multiple instances of Discord is quick and easy and can be done through several methods and only requires one Discord account as each unique instance allows you to join different voice channels in each instance. As Discord is available in many platforms, creating multiple instances in each platform is unique and versatile.

In this guide, I’ll show you exactly how you can run multiple instances of discord with one device.

Discord Web Version Using Different Browsers

Discord was primarily written with the use of JavaScript. Its desktop app is actually just a web app built with the use of Electron and Chromium. This can be seen when you use certain commands on the desktop App like CTRL+SHIFT+I which is the inspect element command most browsers feature.

Knowing this, a simple way of creating multiple instances is simply opening them in different browsers the likes of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and any other browsing site.

To start, simply access the Discord website on your browser and click on the login button on the upper right and proceed to enter your credentials. If you already logged in before the login icon will change to “Open Discord” which you need to click. And congrats you now have a unique instance of Discord.

Different web browsers serve as one unique instance and you can use each instance to participate in different voice channels. This can be run in conjunction along with the desktop app which allows you to access different voice channels in one go.

Here I am in 3 different voice channels in Discord in one go (One instance each in Firefox. Chrome and the Desktop App).

Click to enlarge

Using Stacks

Stacks is a special type of browser that is advertised to do more than just a typical browser. It features a more modern UI and tab function making it a 3D workspace. It can also open web apps the likes of messenger, Twitter, and of course, Discord. You can check out and download the application here.

As soon as you open Stacks you can scroll down the left portion of the application to the “Messengers” section. You can see that Discord is already added there so you can just go ahead and click it.

Similar to that of a typical browser you can enter other voice chats and channels a unique experience with the application is how it integrates its unique 3D design placing things on a stack. It makes it have a neater appearance and can look good side-by-side to the desktop app.

Run Multiple Instances of Discord using SandBoxie.

Sandboxie is an open-source program for Windows 7 or later. Its primarily used to test any program for possible malicious activity. A unique aspect, however, is that Sandboxie doesn’t save any installed programs, deleting them as soon as you finished. Sandboxie allows a unique and clean way to run multiple instances of the Desktop app of Discord.

  1. To start off, download Sandboxie here and install it. Either version works as their only difference is the UI. For this article, I used the Plus version
  1. When you open the program, you’ll be greeted with a small pop-up window. For convenience, you can click on the “Sandbox” tab on the window and click on “Create a new box”, you can leave the configuration to its default values. Since I’m using it for Discord, I named it “Discord Instance”.
  2. Afterwards. You all you have to do is to locate the Discord desktop app and right click it. You’ll see a new option in the menu saying “Run Sandboxed”, proceed to click it.
  3. Select the Discord Instance Box we made and click on OK
  1. In the pop-up window you can see discord being opened in the box instance. You can close the window as it will get minimized into your task bar.
  1. Congratulations you now created a new instance of Discord. You can identify which windows was created by Sandboxie if it’s surrounded by a yellow border and is named [#] Discord [#] instead of the usual Discord. It can also bee seen in the task bar
  1. To do a clean exit of Discord when you finished, simply return to the Sandboxie window by double-clicking its icon on the task bar. Once there right-click the Discord Instance Box and select “Terminate All Programs”. It should close everything and leave a clean window.
  • If you find the need to do it again, all you need to do is to follow step 3 downwards.

Using a Virtual Machine

A virtual machine in simpler terms is basically a computer within a computer. It is basically an emulation of a computer system and can be based on any operating system you have access to. Creating a unique instance of Discord using a virtual machine is more complex when compared to Sandboxie and requires a relatively strong computer however when compared to Sandboxie, a virtual machine is more versatile as it is more secured and untrackable.

Examples of programs that can create a virtual machine are paid service from Microsoft called Microsoft Azure and an open-source program called VirtualBox by Oracle. For the article, I’ll be using Virtualbox. To start off you can download it from this link.

Setting Up a Virtual Machine

  1. When you first open virtual box, you first have to create a virtual machine. To start click on the “New” Icon. Name and save the folder to your liking and change the settings accordingly. You can refer to this if you need help for minimum system requirements.
  • To create an ISO file that’ll be used later. You can use the Microsoft tool found here. In the tool window, select “Create Installation Media” > ISO File.
  1. It will then ask you to allocate memory. The default value of 2048 MB Memory is enough for this purpose.
  1. When asked select “Virtual Hard Disk” > “VMDK > “Dynamically Allocated”. Allocate at least 32GB of storage space. You can go lower if you are low on memory.
  1. Click on start. Add and select the iso created by the media tool. Proceed to install the OS as you normally would, if you don’t have a product key then select that you don’t have it and select the “Custom” option
  1. In your new virtual machine, you can do just about anything as with in a normal computer. To run a new instance of discord you can just install it in the VM by opening Microsoft Edge and visiting discord to download it
  1. Aside from opening a completely new instance of the desktop app. You can do the same things in the previous steps

Apart from being available on desktop, Discord is also available on mobile through Android and IOS. Just like in desktop, there are also ways to run Multiple Instances

How to Run Multiple Instances of Discord on Android?

Unlike in desktop, however, for mobile versions in Discord, you are limited to only using the app. So, you are locked out from using the browser as it will always prompt you to open the app. A method to bypass this is by using an app cloner such as Parallel Space.

Parallel Space is an app that clones other apps and can allow them to run as separate entities. It is readily available in the Playstore or as an APK download and also has support for 64-Bit System

To start with, after downloading the app and opening it. Select the “Add App” portion in the menu and select Discord from among them.

Afterward, just do a quick login, and congrats you now have another instance of Discord. This can be done with your original or any additional accounts.

In the picture here, I am in multiple Discord voice channels and using a feature on my phone to float the Parallel Space window over my original Discord App.

How to Run Multiple Instances of Discord on IOS?

Similar to how multiple instances on Android, in IOS an app cloner would be needed. However, this isn’t as easy as the previous iteration as applications with the feature are not available in the App Store or are very far and rare. Furthermore, it would almost always require the phone to have undergone a jailbreak. So it would be impossible to run instances of Discord in one sitting.

According to this article, a workaround for this restriction can be done using Dual Space: Social Manger as it allows multiple accounts of the same app to exist while only having to tap on one icon.

In order to have another instance of Discord using this application, you would need to have another account made and added. Afterwards you can run both different accounts at the same time using the application.

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