How to Use Mimu Bot for Greet and Leave Message

When a new member joins a server in Discord, a system message is usually sent to indicate the presence of someone new getting added to the server. This is also accompanied by sending a greeting sticker with the recent updates.

While the default greeting message might be nice, it can get pretty dull that you might want to spice it up a little to make your server more unique.

For example, perhaps you want your new members to visit some channels or have a unique welcoming experience.

Whichever the reason you might have, we recommend using Mimu to help spruce up your server greeting message or even add leave messages.

Here in this article, we’ll go over creating a greet and leaving a message with minimum bot. We will also go over some common problems you might encounter trying to set up the bot.

How to Use Mimu Bot for Greet and Leave Message?

One of the many features Mimu brings to your server is creating customized greet leave messages. You can invite the bot over to your server at or their official website.

For greeting, the first command you have to type in is “.set greetchannel #channel” to set the channel where the bot will send its greeting messages.

On the other hand, you can use “.set leavechannel #channel” for the leave message counterpart.

Afterward, using the command “.set greetmsg” (or “.set leavemsg” for its counterpart), type in the Message you want the bot to say when a new member is added to the server. You can have any message here and customize it using embeds.

You have finally set a customized greet and leave messages for your server. Now when someone new goes into the server, they will be greeted with a message from the bot.

Below is a step-by-step guide on using the Mimu bot to greet and leave messages.

1. Invite the bot and Disable System Messages

If you haven’t already, you can invite the bot to your Discord server using this link. Once you have added the bot, you would want to disable system messages in Discord.

To do this, access your Server Settings found in the menu, which can be accessed by clicking the top portion of a server’s channel list.

In the Overview tab, scroll down until you find the category for system messages. You can disable the feature entirely by selecting “No System Messages,” or disable the welcome message feature by turning off the first option, “Send a random welcome message when someone joins this server.”

2. Set the Channel for your Messages

The first part of setting up the bot for your server is to set the channel the bot will be sending their greet/leave messages.

To do this, you can use the command

 “.set greetchannel” and “.set leavechannel” 

for the greet and leave Message respectively.

After typing the initial command, type in the channel you want your messages to be sent using the #channel. Typing in # will immediately generate a list of the text channels in your server.

You can click on any option from the list to immediately complete the command. In addition, typing in additional keywords can help narrow down the results even further. 

For example, if I want my greet and leave messages to be sent to general, I would have the command

 “.set greet channel #general” 

The general flow would look like this:

Use Mimu Bot for Greet and Leave Message

3. (Optional) Set your Message Embeds

One of the things you can add to your messages is embedded. Embeds in greeting messages make it more unique and are one of the main advantages of using Mimu for greet/leave messages.

To start, we will be creating a new embed for greeting using the command

 “.embed create greet”

Next, we’ll be modifying the embed to display a member’s name and avatar by using the command

 “.embed edit author greet {user_tag} | {user_avatar}”

Afterward, you can add a thumbnail to the embed with the command

 “.embed edit thumbnail [link]” 

For the image link, you can use GIFs from websites such as tenor or giphy. We used the classic Kermit with a gun gif as the thumbnail in this example.

Now let’s add a title for the embed, which will be a welcome greeting. To do this, simply input the command

 “.embed edit title greet Welcome to {server_name}” 

You can change the Message by editing the “Welcome to…” portion of the command.

After that, let’s add a description to go with the embed. You can do this with the command

 “.embed edit description greet” 

then type in what you want to add to the description. 

The last thing we can do with this embed is attach another image to the embed. You can do this with the command 

“.embed edit image greet [link]” 

then pasting a link of the image you want to use.

To keep with our theme, we’ll be using the GIF of Kermit sipping tea.

You have now successfully created an embed that you can use. If you want to create an embed for other messages, simply replace the “greet” word in every command with something else.

For example, “leave” for an embed for leave message or “boost” for messages intended for members who boosted the server.

4. Set your Greet/Leave Messages

Now that you set a channel for messages, now is the time to set the message sent when someone new joins the server (or when someone leaves it).

You can do this with the command

“.set greetmsg” or “.set leavemsg

for greet and leave messages respectively.

Type in the Message you want the bot to send after the command to add it to the server. Additionally, you can use certain commands such as {user} to mention the member and {embed:id} to include any embeds you made. 

For example, you can type in: 

.set greetmsg Hello {user}! Sit down and have a cup of tea, Welcome to the server

If you want something simple but if you’re going to use an embed like the one we made previously, you can type in 

“.set greetmsg Hello {user}! Sit down and have a cup of tea, Welcome to the server {embed:greet}

with the proper embed ID if you didn’t use “greet.”

5. Test your Messages

After you set your greet and leave messages, you can use the command

 “.test greet” or “.test leave” 

to test the greet and leave messages respectively.

You will find the bot will send a message addressed to you in the respective channel if you manage to set it up properly.


Q. My Embeds are not Showing Up in the Message?

As we previously stated, it is crucial to add the “{embed:id}” to the command when setting the greet/leave Message. Therefore, make sure you type in the correct ID like “{embed:greet}” or “{embed:leave}.”

The command itself is very case sensitive, making greet and Greets completely different. Typing the other might cause the embed to not show up until you create a new embed with the corresponding ID or change the Message. 

Q. My Embed Description all messed up?

When editing the description of an embed, make sure you have proper space after typing in the command.

You can enter Shift+Enter to skip to a new line to make this easier, or you can simply add a space after typing in the initial command.

Failure to add a space or a new line might make your description look weird and messy.

Q. Is It Possible to Use Mimu AND Discord’s Default Welcome Message?

Disabling Discord’s system message feature that allows for the welcome messages we are all familiar with is not mandatory for the bot.

So, it is possible to use both Mimu and Discord’s default messages together if you want to on your server.

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