How to Link Discord With Among Us

Have you ever wondered how do you integrate Discord with Among Us?

Among Us Discord integration is a quick and easy way to invite friends on a server to a quick playthrough.

Discord is a popular platform used for voice and text communication.

So it comes as no surprise that it has successfully integrated Among Us in its systems, making it possible to send invites on both desktop and mobile, which can further immerse you in the game and improve the experience.

Linking your Among Us to Discord usually involves linking the service platform associated with the app rather than the game itself.

For example, popular platforms such as Steam support Among Us Discord Integration and require you to link their platform in Discord and launch the game through their platform.

Let’s quickly go over how to link your Steam to Discord.

1. On the user settings portion of the page and under User Settings, select Connections

2. In the Connection tab, you’ll see several icons with services you can link to Discord. Click on the Steam icon.

3. You will be redirected to the Steam webpage and will be asked to log in.

4. log in and go back to Discord. You will now see Steam in a portion under the connection tab.

And that’s it!

Discord is fully capable of reading and displaying any games you have in your Steam account.

As seen in this video, ever since the update back on May 10, 2021, the mobile version of Among Us added a feature that allows the integration of Discord and Twitch into their games.

The latter is used to stream on their platform, while the former is primarily used to Among Us Discord invites and provides a voice channel for players who want to use the feature.

If you are interested in using this feature, follow these steps:

1. Make sure both the App and Discord are installed on your device.

Furthermore, make sure you signed in to the game using your account using Google Play or Apple Game Center.

2. To start with linking Discord to your app, select the Settings icon (Gear Icon) on the main menu and select Data

3. On the Data tab, you will see the Twitch and Discord Logo. Tap on the Discord icon to link your Discord account.

4. After tapping on the icon, you will be redirected to the Discord App, where it’ll ask you to authorize the app.

5. Tap on the Authorized button, and you will be redirected back to the app, which will prompt you that the account was successfully linked

How to Send an Among Us Invite on Discord on PC

  1. Make sure you have both the game and Discord open.

You can use either the web app or the desktop app of Discord as both of them will work just fine; however, the desktop app has fewer issues

  1. Click on the online option and host a game. You should remember that only the host can send an Among Us Discord Invite.
  1. When you have successfully made a game lobby, switch over to Discord.
  1. Send out an invite in Discord by clicking on the Plus icon on the Discord Message bar
  1. You’ll see an option to send an invite on the current channel you are in. Click it while adding a message and press send

You’ll see a message with the lobby size, available slots, and the current players. Members in the server only have to click on the join button to join in the fun.

Another way for members to join is to click on your icon on the Discord status pane if you have the option turned on.

Your status pane will show the current game status and the number of players. Interested players can click on the “Ask to Join” button to join in your lobby. You need to confirm it when prompted by Discord

How to Send an Among Us Invite on Discord on Mobile

1. Similar to the Desktop version of Discord, you will need to host or already hosting a game of Among Us

2. The difference between the 2 platforms is that the invite is sent from the Among Us lobby rather than Discord itself.

The invite is denoted by a Discord icon that appears when you are inside the lobby

3. Once you tap on the icon, you will be redirected to Discord’s Share feature showing a list of channels you frequently visit.

4. Select a channel from the list and add a comment to let others know about the invite. When that’s all done, click on the send icon on the upper right.

5. The message will appear in Discord in a similar fashion to the Desktop app with a Join button for others to press and join.

A difference between the mobile and desktop version of Discord is that the mobile version doesn’t have the “Ask to Join” feature in your status despite being able to set it as your status This makes this method the only possible way to send an Among Us Discord invite for the mobile version.

Why is the Discord Button in Among Us not Showing?

It is possible for either platform to encounter some problems such as the feature not being present, thus making them unable to utilize it. 

Let’s go over common problems you might encounter on each platform.

PC Issue: Can’t Send a Discord Invite/Invite Feature not Appearing

You might be experiencing this issue because Rich Presence was turned off and/or you turned off “Display Current Activity as a Status Message,” which prevents members from joining via your profile status.

Fix: Turning on Rich Presence and Enable your activity status

Rich Presence is a feature in Discord that allows for games to be integrated with it.

This feature is the reason why Among Us or any other compatible game can send those fancy Discord invites.

Turning off the feature will cause you to lose access until you have it turned back on.

Here’s how to turn it back on:

1. For Rich Presence under User Settings, select Privacy & Safety

2. Scroll down until you see Rich Presence. It should have two options underneath it

3. Turn both options and restart Discord using Ctrl+R on your Keyboard

4. For your Activity status, scroll down until you see Activity settings, and under that, select Activity Status

5. The very first option should be “Display current activity as a status message,” Turn it on to enable the Ask to join feature on your profile status.

If you happen to be experiencing any issues, consider reconnecting Steam in your Connections option panel and restarting Discord and Steam afterward.

Mobile Issue: Discord Button Not Appearing

This issue is usually caused by Among Us not being properly linked to Discord, or the app doesn’t detect Discord as an active app.

The problems themselves are simple in nature and also require simple fixes.

Fix: Check your Authorized Apps and Opening Discord before Among Us

1. Before opening Among Us, open Discord first and leave it in the background of your phone.

The reason why the Discord icon won’t appear is that Discord hasn’t started at all.

This is true, especially if your phone just finished a reboot

2. In the Discord app and under User Settings, select Authorized Apps

3. Scroll down until you see Among Us among the available apps.

4. If the app is there, that means you were successfully able to link Among Us and Discord.

You can remove the permission and attempt to relink it to make sure it is linked properly.

Conversely, if the app isn’t there, it is an indicator that the link was unsuccessful

Furthermore, it should be noted that sending a Discord invite is only possible if you are signed in to Among Us.

Playing as a guest will lock you out of the feature completely.

If you are playing as a guest, consider making an account and linking Discord again.


Hopefully, this article shows you how you could link Among Us with Discord.

Linking Discord with Among Us can surely bring benefits to players by giving them the ability to send a direct invite to their friends on Discord or showing their Discord friends what game they’re currently in through the use of the Discord’s Rich Presence feature.

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