How to Hide Facebook Marketplace Posts from Friends

In today’s time, you can buy just about anything you need online. Companies such as Amazon make this possible with some social media platforms like Facebook adapting features like Facebook Marketplace, which makes the whole buy and sell practice all the more convenient and easier for anyone.

In Facebook Marketplace, you are free to post a listing of anything you want to sell online and guarantee that your listing can reach everyone, including your friends. 

However, sometimes you wouldn’t want your friends to be aware that you are trying to sell something in the Marketplace because they might try to haggle the price down or nag you about your listing.

Whichever the reason you might have, you might want to hide your listing from your friends to avoid any situation altogether. 

Here in this article, we will be discussing how to hide Facebook Marketplace posts from friends and several other questions you might have.

How to Hide Facebook Marketplace Posts from Friends?

By default, any listings you might make on the Facebook Marketplace can be seen by everyone, including your friends, even if you choose not to share them in your timeline.

However, it is possible to hide your Marketplace listings as there is an option when you initially put up the listing.

To do this, simply make a listing as you would normally do in the Marketplace. This can be done by selecting the Marketplace icon on the Facebook app then selecting the Sell button.

Fill up the necessary details like the pictures, title, price, and description for your Marketplace listing as you normally do.

Then, tap on the Listing Options, enable the “Hide from Friends” function.

With this function enabled, you can now tap on the “Publish” button found at the upper right corner to put up your Marketplace listing with your friends not being able to view it.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to hide your Facebook Marketplace posts from friends.

1. Tap On Facebook Marketplace

To access the Marketplace in the Facebook app, simply tap on the Marketplace icon found at the top bar.

2. Go to your Commerce Profile & Tap “Your Listings”

Then, create a new listing by selecting the “Sell” option.

Or, if you want to edit an old listing, you can access your commerce profile by tapping on the person icon beside the magnifying glass icon (search).

Afterward, select “Your Listings” to view all of the listings you placed on the Marketplace.

Tap on the listing you want to be edited, then select “Edit Listing” to start modifying it.

3. Enable “Hide from Friends” in the Listing Options

Hide Facebook marketplace Posts from Friends

When you are creating a new listing, make sure to fill up all the necessary details such as the title of the product, the price, a short description, and your location before proceeding any further.

After you fill-up the details of your Marketplace listing, scroll down until you find the “Listing Options” category.

Over here, you will find an option that says “Hide from Friends” which as the name implies can prevent your friends from viewing this specific listing in the Marketplace.

If you are editing an old listing, the feature to hide your original listing will be placed under the “Choose Privacy Settings” category instead of “Listing Options.”

You can enable it and expect the same outcome as making a new listing.

4. Publish your Facebook Marketplace Listing

After you have enabled the finish and are content with the details of your Marketplace listing, tap on the “Publish” button, which is found in the upper right corner of the app.

The button will be “Save” instead of “Publish” if you edit an old listing but are still found in the same location.

After publishing/saving your listing with the feature enabled, your listing will now be available for everyone but your friends to view.

Can My Friends See What I Buy on Marketplace?

According to this help page from Facebook’s official site, purchasing something through the Facebook Marketplace will NOT automatically publish any posts on your timeline, indicating that you bought something.

Likewise, none of your friends will be notified or informed of any purchases you made, as the entire transaction is between you and the seller only.

Any information shared between you and the seller is made private and kept between the two of you unless you choose to share the information with everyone else.

When a listing in the Marketplace is marked as sold, it will simply be marked as sold with no explicit mention of the person who bought the item found on the listing.

Therefore, the only way for other people to know it was you or another user is if a comment/post of the original listing is made to mention the person who bought it.

Does your Marketplace Post Show Up on Your Timeline?

Ever since an update in 2020, Facebook Marketplace no longer posts any of your listings on your timeline. Any Marketplace posts won’t show up in your timeline unless you share them by default.

To allow a listing to show up, simply go to the listing you want to be shared and select it. Afterward, select the Share option then the “Share to News Feed” to edit a post for your timeline.

Select “Post” found in the upper right corner when you finalize the post to publish it into your timeline.

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