15 Tips to Grow a Meme Page on Facebook

Memes can be found on just about any social media platform. Facebook is one of the more popular pages you can find memes sharing and even originating from.

Accounts dedicated to sharing memes are dubbed meme pages that Facebook doesn’t have a scarcity of.

While there might be several dozens of meme pages and groups on Facebook, that’s no reason to discourage you from making yourself a meme page on the platform.

As a founder of a meme page, starting from scratch might be challenging at first, but with the right methods and consistency one can always outshine other meme pages and be one of the top players in your niche.

Here in this article, we have compiled several tips on how to grow a meme page on Facebook, which will surely help you, especially if you are starting.

1. Find a Niche you are Passionate About

One of the wonderful things about memes is that they can be just about anything.

So when you are just starting out or even before you make your meme page, try to find a topic or theme you are good at poking fun at.

Maybe you want to make memes about specific game communities, or you are better off making anime-centered memes, or you just want to post general meme content of the latest meme format.

Whichever you decide to choose, make sure to give a few tries and look at your page statistics on how your audience are reacting to it before immediately changing to another niche.

2. Create Original Engaging Content

The thing you want to always have in mind when you are growing a meme page (or any Facebook page) is creating engaging and original content.

This is all the more critical when it comes to memes since no one likes memes being copy-pasted repeatedly.

Stick to your niche and find creative ways you can joke about it. You can also try changing the way you have been posting by posting videos of GIFs you made instead of the usual static picture.

Memes of high originality tend to bring more people to your page than a simple rehashed meme. Just be careful with what you might post. Otherwise, you might get your post zucced.

3. Engage with your Followers

You might’ve noticed so far that the first 3 tips were somewhat generic, but these 3 tips are the key to growing your page on Facebook.

Engaging with your followers and any of your post’s comment sections is extremely important because it allows you to gauge how well you are doing.

Furthermore, it helps your followers know that someone is making these memes, not an automated account.

It makes your account feel organic and makes your followers feel like they are a part of the page.

4. Crosspost with Other Meme Pages

With the numerous meme pages on Facebook, it might seem that competition between one another might be inevitable.

While that might be true, it doesn’t have to be like that. You can message other meme pages if they would want to form a collaboration or partnership with you by sharing memes you made with one another. 

Crossposting with each other’s meme pages allows you to share your audience and followers, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

5. Post Memes in English

When it comes to posting memes online, memes in English usually gain more traction than memes in other languages.

That is because many people who use the internet use English to communicate with one another.

While making memes in your native language will make it easier for you to grow locally, you eventually will find it harder to grow because you only have a limited audience who can understand your content. 

6. Make use of #Hashtags

Ensure that the hashtags you are adding to your posts are related to it.

For example, let’s say you run a meme page dedicated to Final Fantasy memes; an excellent hashtag to use would be #FinalFantasy or #FF, as these are usually used to distinguish the games and make your meme page easier to find.

Keep in mind NOT to be too obnoxious with the number of hashtags you are adding, as they can be annoying and make the post look dirty.

7. Have a Consist Publishing Schedule

No one wants to follow a dead Facebook page or a page that doesn’t have content for several days on end.

When you are trying to grow your meme page on Facebook, keep a consistent publishing schedule, such as posting 2-3 daily or having 1 high-quality post a week.

Whichever you decide to follow, make sure that you stick with it.

how to grow meme page on facebook

8. Make Follow-Ups to your Previous Memes

A fun thing you can do to your meme page is to make follow-ups to previous posts you made.

This is also why the third tip is something you should often do because sometimes you might get good ideas and inspiration from them. 

You can also use this to tell a story between your memes or somehow connect several posts.

This makes your page look attractive and organic, which you would want.

9. Make the Right Meme at the Right Time

It probably comes as no surprise that a new meme format will emerge almost every other day, week, or month.

Try your best to capitalize on this and use it to your advantage for growth on your page. 

Additionally, you can use ongoing topics and trends that would make for a good meme.

But keep in mind to have it within reason; otherwise, you might get in trouble.

10. Accept User Submissions for your Page

An excellent way to grow your page while also increasing the interaction between you and your followers is allowing your followers to submit their memes for you to post on your page with their names and all.

Furthermore, this will make it easier for you as you don’t have to continually churn out new content for your page by yourself.

Finally, similar to the second tip, this makes your audience feel like they are a part of your page and will attract more people as they will anticipate their chance at getting a feature on your page. 

11. Host Giveaways

Another thing you can do to grow your meme page is host a giveaway on your page. You can make this simple and easy by using sites such as Gleam.io and have simple prizes.

Having giveaways on your meme page allows you to give back to your audience for their support and attract new people.

You can do this by adding it to the mechanics to invite their friends for more chances to win the giveaway.

12. Join Different Facebook Groups

Aside from collaborating with other pages, you can also opt to join groups on Facebook and use that to promote your meme page.

You can do this by posting a meme you made from your meme page and telling everyone in the group to go check it out if they want more.

Just like how there’s a lot of meme pages on Facebook, there are also a lot of groups dedicated to sharing and creating memes for everyone to enjoy.

Joining these groups allows you to reach a wide variety of people you can attract to your meme page.

13. Try Out Different Forms of Humor 

As with memes, humor can come in different forms. So when it comes to growing your meme page on Facebook, it is essential to not only branch out with different kinds of meme formats to use but also try out different kinds of humor to go with them.

It is essential to have memes of varying degrees of humor because it prevents your content from going stale and shows that your sense of humor isn’t purely one-dimensional.

You can go for self-deprecating humor, dry humor, or maybe the classic puns and wordplay.

Having variety in the type of content you are sending out is essential for growth as you get to experiment with different mindsets and unique formats.

14. Adopt a Personality for your Meme Page 

One way to let your meme page gain traction and grow is to adopt a personality you can use when interacting with comments and messages on your page.

You can go for something exaggerated, such as being completely sarcastic with your comments or being completely deadpan with dry replies, or even being snarky and sassy with your replies.

Whichever persona you decide you want to do, make sure it is entirely comfortable with.

If you feel awkward trying to act a specific way, you might end up just breaking character and ruining everyone’s experience.

15. Don’t Overuse a Meme Format

The one last tip we will give on how to grow a meme page on Facebook is to not overuse a meme format.

Just like how we eventually get sick of the same food if we have to eat it every day, constantly recycling and reusing a meme format for several posts will make it lose its comedic value.

Furthermore, you might be seen as someone who lacks creativity and originality because you have to constantly reuse the same meme over and over again.

When it comes to reusing the same meme format, try your best to use every other post and add a slight twist or variation to it.

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