How to Fix You Can’t Buy or Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook remains one of the biggest social media platforms that everyone uses in today’s time. What initially was a simple website for social interaction has evolved into a multipurpose platform with the release of various features such as Facebook Dating and Facebook Marketplace.

The Facebook Marketplace is a feature that allows anyone to buy and sell things through Facebook. Additionally, it has features that can prevent scams by blocking malicious users making it a safe platform.

However, this feature can sometimes be abused and cause people to get blocked or banned in the Marketplace preventing them from buying or selling things there.

If you happen to be one of these users, look no further than this article as we tackle how to fix you can’t buy or sell items on Facebook Marketplace and get a Facebook Marketplace to unban if you got wrongfully banned or blocked.

Why is Your Facebook Marketplace Account Being Blocked?

Compared to other social media sites, Facebook doesn’t offer a list of offenses that result in getting blocked in the Marketplace. Instead, the only thing cited is that repeat offenses will result in a ban.

In the Facebook Marketplace, this usually comes in the form of getting reported by other users for your listings on the Marketplace. You can get reported in the Marketplace by listing prohibited items on sale.

Examples of prohibited items are regulated items such as firearms and recreational drugs such as marijuana.

Other prohibited content can be adult products, alcohol, body parts, and fluids and animals. A full list of prohibited content and offenses can be found on the Marketplace’s commerce policies page.

Additionally, it is not possible to access the Facebook Marketplace if your Facebook account is relatively new to prevent banned users from entering and if you are under the age of 18.

Getting multiple reports from different users or making listings of prohibited items will get you blocked in the Marketplace without warning, with the latter always resulting in an unappealable ban.

How to Fix You Can’t Buy or Sell Items on Marketplace Facebook

If you find yourself unable to access the Marketplace and its features or were wrongfully banned from it, the best way to fix the problem is to send an appeal to the Marketplace team.

To start, go on your Facebook App, tap on three lines found on the right side of the menu. Next, tap on Marketplace to open the Facebook Marketplace.

Afterward, tap on “Request Review” to send an appeal to the Facebook team in the Facebook Marketplace.

Fill out the appeal form and send it to be reviewed after checking it. The appeal review will take about a week, and updates can be found in your Support Inbox, which can be found under the “Help & Support” section of your Facebook App.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can fix not being able to buy or sell items on the Marketplace Facebook.

1. Open your Account Menu

To access your account menu from your Facebook news feed, tap on the three lines found in the lower right corner (for iPhone users) or upper right corner (for android users) of the Facebook app. This should be right beside the bell (notification) icon. 

Your account menu will contain several things such as access to your Facebook profile, your account’s settings and security, your saved posts, the support center, and of course, the Facebook Marketplace.

2. Tap on the “Marketplace” Tab

In your account menu, tap on the Marketplace tab, which should be found on top of the Saved tab beside the Videos tab. Opening your account menu is the only way to access Facebook Marketplace if the shortcut icon disappears from your menu bar.

Alternatively, if the icon hasn’t disappeared from the menu bar, you can simply tap on the shortcut to be redirected to the Facebook Marketplace.

3. Request Review on your Marketplace Profile

If you have been blocked/banned from the Facebook Marketplace, you should be greeted with a message telling you that you can’t buy or sell items on Facebook along with a blue button that says “Request Review.”

Tap on the Request Review button to be redirected to a page where you will be filling out a form to appeal your ban from the Marketplace.

4. Fill Out the Marketplace Appeal Form

In the appeal form, fill out all information spaces it might ask, such as your name and the issue you are dealing with. For example, when trying to appeal for getting blocked from the Marketplace, you can follow this message template below:

Hello, I suddenly lost the ability to access the Facebook Marketplace and was seemingly blocked from it. I don’t remember posting any listings that might’ve been against Facebook’s policies and caused this as a result.

I would like to request a review of my profile to possibly appeal this action and allow me access to the Marketplace again.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

After describing your issue and writing the message, tap on the send icon found in the upper right corner of the page.

5. Wait for the Facebook Team’s Response on your Support Inbox

After filling out and sending the form, the Facebook team will review your appeal and send a response within a week.

The response and updates related to this can be found in your Support inbox, which can be accessed through your account menu and scrolling down until you find “Help & Support.”

Tap on the category to expand it and find the tab for your Support inbox. Tap on it to open your Support inbox and receive updates related to anything you sent to the Facebook team.

How Long Does The Facebook Marketplace Block Usually Last?

In Facebook and the Facebook Marketplace, getting your account banned or restricted can last about a couple of hours to several days and weeks.

Facebook won’t explicitly state how long your account will remain banned or if the ban issued was a permanent one.

Assuming you weren’t permanently banned from Facebook Marketplace but have your appeal denied, you have to wait and check your account every other day to see if the ban has been lifted.

Getting blocked from Facebook or the Marketplace can last for several hours to upwards of 30 days maximum. 

The fastest way to get unblocked is to convince the team over at Facebook by appealing to them that the ban was a mistake or unjustified.

If you still don’t have access to the Marketplace after 30 days have passed, you have most likely been permanently banned with no chances of getting a ban appeal.

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