5 Ways to Fix No Option to Verify on Facebook Page

While browsing between Facebook pages, you probably noticed that some of them have a blue check beside their name. Facebook pages that have these checkmarks are better known as verified Facebook pages.

There are many perks with having your Facebook page verified. The most prominent one is being easily distinguishable from imitations or fake pages.

Other perks include better promotion and advertisement for your page and posts.

Despite the prestige of getting verified, the process involved in getting it is hard and complicated, with several users having no option to verify Facebook pages they own, preventing them from even trying. 

If you happen to be experiencing this, give this article a read.

In this article, we will be going over different ways to fix this problem, get your Facebook page verified, and answer the question of why you didn’t have the option in the first place.

Why is your Facebook Page not Showing a Verify Option?

Not having the option to verify your Facebook page boils down to 2 reasons. The first reason is that your Facebook page is too new to be even considered for verification.

The next reason is that your Facebook page does not meet the minimum requirements for Facebook verification or doesn’t have enough activity to be considered active.

For the first reason, Facebook pages that are considered new by the team aren’t verified because of a system that has been implemented.

The system prevents new pages from sending verification requests to prevent spam. For the second reason, failure to meet the minimum requirements will prevent you from having the option to verify your page.

The requirements include things like personal information and your page’s details.

Additionally, not having enough activity to be considered an active Facebook page prevents you from getting verified, as this is also a requirement.

Too little activity despite having complete information will prevent your page from getting verified. 

How to Fix the No Option to Verify Facebook Page?

You can do several things to fix having no option to verify a Facebook page. These fixes involve trying to fulfill the minimum requirements we previously mentioned.

Having your page completed and ready for verification at any time not only gives you the option to verify your page but will also make the verification process extremely fast and smooth.

Here are several things you can do to fix having no option to verify Facebook page

1. Fill Out and Complete your Page’s Information and About

Fix No Option to Verify on Facebook Page

The first thing you should check and try out is properly filling up your Facebook page’s information. Be sure to provide the right information and avoid leaving blanks whenever possible.

Your page’s about section is the most important thing you should keep in mind as Facebook usually checks the information you provided if they are authentic to the page.

Providing fake information can prevent your page from getting approved for verification or can even have it deleted.

Properly fill up and provide accurate information to give you the option to verify your page and make verification easier and quicker.

2. Make Sure your Page and Account have an Active Phone Number/Contact Information.

With the previous method, aside from your page’s information in the about section, make sure you also have an active phone number connected to your Facebook page and account.

Having an active phone number helps with your page’s verification since receiving a phone call from Facebook is part of the verification process.

Failure to provide a verified and active number will prevent you from verifying your Facebook page.

Aside from an active phone number, make sure to also provide additional channels for communication, such as a website (if possible) or an email address for your account/page.

This also makes it easier for viewers of the page to contact you if they have any inquiries or concerns.

3. Temporarily Change your Page’s Category

Another thing you can do to fix no option to verify your Facebook page is to temporarily change your page’s category.

Some categories in Facebook require less time or requirements to get verified, so having your page’s category match these will allow you to receive the option to verify your page.

The categories that several users have reported to work are the following:

  • Local Service
  • Food & Drink
  • Product/Service
  • Brand
  • Blogger

Using any one of these categories will make it easier for your account to receive the option to verify your page.

4. Have Activity in your Page through Posts and Interaction

Having page activity is one more thing you do to fix having no option to verify your Facebook page. Activity in your Facebook page should be limited to creating and making daily posts on the page.

The best way to have activity on your Facebook is through interacting with your audience on top of making scheduled posts.

Interacting with your audience by replying to their comments is the easiest way to show that your page is active while also showing that you are very responsive to any concerns and inquiries any might have.

In addition, these interactions will positively help you once you start the process of verification.

5. Send a Verification Request Directly to Facebook

The last thing you can try is sending a verification request directly to Facebook. This can be done through this form here and is the best thing you can attempt.

This is especially helpful for Facebook pages that are just starting but want to be verified as soon as possible.

You will be asked to specify if you are getting your profile or page verified and confirm 2 things.

The first thing is to confirm your authenticity, which involves providing valid documents to prove your identity.

This can be your passport or driver’s license, which can be selected depending on what you have.

The next thing you need to confirm is your page’s notability. This involves providing your page’s category and region, audience, and several links that show that your page is of public interest.

While the latter 2 are completely optional and only the category and region are needed, being able to fill them up will help boost your page’s chances of getting verified.

Once you submit the form, you can check for updates regarding the verification on the email linked to your Facebook account.

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