Facebook Temporarily Blocked From Using This Feature: How to Fix and Prevent It?

Everyone is familiar with Facebook. The social media platform has become a part of our lives that we spend several hours browsing through it and chatting with friends and family.

Facebook’s wide array of features makes interacting and using the platform very convenient and fun.

Although all of Facebook’s features are readily available, there are times where you might get blocked from using certain features like making and commenting on posts.

This is usually a result of your account receiving a ban or restriction from the Facebook team. A common occurrence that prompted netizens to playfully term it as getting “zucced”.

If you find yourself suddenly unable to use certain features and have been finding ways to fix your Facebook temporarily blocked from using this feature then look no further than this article.

We’ll go over how to fix Facebook temporarily blocking you and different ways to prevent it.

How to Fix Facebook Temporarily Blocked From Using This Feature?

There are 2 ways to fix temporarily getting blocked from a feature in Facebook. The first way is to simply wait until your restriction gets lifted as it is only temporary.

If you don’t wish to wait for it, the next thing you can do is to send an appeal/report to Facebook.

To do this, open up your profile menu by tapping on the three lines in the menu of your Facebook app.

Afterwards, scroll down and tap on the “Help & Support” category to expand it.

Tap on “Report a Problem” then select the category of the issue you are facing.

On the report page, describe the issue and, if possible, attach an image of it by tapping on the “Add Image” button directly under the text box.

When you complete your report, send it by tapping on the send icon at the upper right corner of the page.

After you finish all the steps, you have now sent a report to the Facebook team. You can keep track of the progress and status of your report through your support inbox which is also found under “Help & Support”.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to fix getting temporarily blocked from Facebook.

1. Open your Profile Menu

Your profile menu can be found by tapping on the menu on your Facebook app. The icon should look like three horizontal lines and is found at the rightmost portion of the Facebook app.

Tapping on this will bring up your profile menu where you can access your account details, settings and Facebook’s support center.

2. Find and Expand the “Help & Support” Category

From your profile menu, scroll down until you find the “Help & Support” category found at the bottom of the app menu. Tap on it to expand it and show some of the actions you can do in the app.

3. Tap on “Report a Problem”

Making an appeal using the Facebook app is the same as making a report on any problem. To start appealing to fix your temporary block, tap on the “Report a Problem” tab.

This will allow you to send a message/report to the Facebook team with any problems you might have or encounter while using Facebook.

4. Select the Category of your Problem

Before you can describe your problem, you would need to select the category of the problem you are facing. Facebook has several categories that give focus to each feature they have.

If you aren’t sure about the category to select, choose a category that is related to your problem or a category where you encountered it.

For example, the “Status Update” category can be selected if you are having problems with making posts or commenting on them as this category encompasses both features.

Conversely, both the “Live” and “Video” categories will be suitable if the problem involves having difficulty watching a live video in Facebook Live.

Since all the categories here are generalized, find the one that matches the most with the problem you are facing.

5. Describe your Problem

After selecting the category, you will be redirected to a page where you can describe the nature of your problem. If you aren’t sure what to write here’s a sample for you:

“Good day, I would like to report a problem with my account as I suddenly lost the ability to (insert the feature/s you can’t use).

I would like to request a review of my account and the reason why I might’ve been blocked and restricted from it. If possible, I would like to appeal to the block and have it removed.

Thank you for your time and assistance”

6. Attach an Image of the Problem (if possible)

Fix Facebook temporarily blocked from using this feature

If you manage to take a screenshot or have a screenshot of the problem, attach it with the report to make it easier for the Facebook team to identify the problem. You can attach a picture to your report by tapping on the “Add Image” button.

7. Send your Report

Finalize the details and pictures of your report before sending it since sending too many of the same reports can get you flagged for system abuse and incur penalties to your account.

To send the report, tap on the send button found at the upper right corner of the report page. This will immediately send your report to the Facebook team.

You can check the progress and status of the report/s you made through your support inbox. To access your support inbox, in the same menu and category, tap on “Support Inbox.”

How Do You Prevent Facebook Feature Block From Happening?

According to this page from Facebook, there are 3 main reasons why your account might get temporarily blocked. The best way to prevent Facebook from blocking any features in your accounts is to avoid these violations, you can do that by following these tips:

1. Familiarize Yourself with Facebook Community Standards

Following and committing to Facebook’s community standards is one of the best ways to prevent getting blocked/restricted on the platform. This means that you avoid posting content that Facebook finds too offensive or properly provide information and context of any sensitive content you might be posting.

2. Avoid Sending Spam or Messages Requests 

One of the reasons listed by Facebook that can get you restricted is by sending spam and unsavory messages to other people. Doing this will usually get you reported by other members which will lead to your account getting blocked from using the feature.

If you want to send messages to someone you aren’t friends with, it is best to keep it brief and quick and not send too many additional messages until they reply. Being polite in your messages is also a good way to avoid getting reported. 

3. Avoid too much Following, Sharing & Commenting

The next tip is to be careful with the number of times you like, share, or comment on Facebook. This is because if Facebook’s algorithm bot picks up your action, your account may be flagged as a bot or a spam account.

Too many actions like following or commenting are considered spam as well and are against the community guidelines.

So the accounts will usually get penalized by preventing the accounts from using certain features like commenting or following.

We get it sometimes we get too excited on certain posts or pages on Facebook but limiting your actions here certainly will help prevent your account from being flagged by Facebook.

How Long Does The Block Usually Last?

A majority of blocks and restrictions that your Facebook account might have are only temporary. As long as the reason why you got blocked in the first place isn’t severe, you will always have your account restrictions eventually lifted.

Blocks usually last for several hours, days or weeks but no longer than 15 days.

The duration of any blocks and restrictions can vary a lot as they depend on the severity of the penalty and the number of penalties you’ve gotten.

If you continue to make the same mistake and repeat offenses, you might end up with your account getting disabled.

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