9 Ways to Fix Facebook Marketplace Views Not Showing

Today’s Facebook is drastically different from when it was initially released. Then, Facebook was still a platform where people can connect with friends and family online while also sharing tidbits of their lives with them.

However, Facebook has grown bigger with new platforms such as Facebook Dating and Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace is a platform that allows you to buy and sell things easily using Facebook. You can sell things you own or products from your business, all from the convenience in your home.

Despite this, several users experience issues in their listings where they only get one or no views despite having several hours pass.

Fortunately, if you have been experiencing Facebook Marketplace views not showing up, we have this article here as we share several fixes we found that might help you fix the problem. 

Why Does This Happen?

Before we try out potential fixes to the problem, let’s first understand why this happens. The main reason why your listing might not be getting any views is because of Facebook’s algorithm. 

Facebook Marketplace’s algorithm focuses on preventing spam or fake listings on their site with many factors taken into consideration.

If the algorithm detects a suspicious listing, the post in question will immediately get placed under the spam category.

This also works the same for accounts with accounts getting flagged and having that same account’s listings be placed under spam.

If you happen to experience your Facebook Marketplace views not showing up, it is most likely because of the algorithm accidentally placing your account of listings in the spam category.

While this might be very frustrating, we have several things you can try out that might fix the problem or completely avoid it.

1. Delete/Modify your Old Listing

The first thing you can try out is to either delete your old listing and make a new one or modify that same listing. Either of the 2 options works well together and have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you picked the former and deleted that previous listing, you would need to create a new one with different pictures and descriptions so as it is not a direct copy-paste of the deleted listing.

The advantage of choosing this method is that your listing will be reflected as new.

If you pick the latter and modify your old listing, be sure to remove any words that might look like spam, such as repeats of the same word or the word “Free!” getting repeated several times.

Make your listing title and description as clear and concise as possible.

The only disadvantage of modifying your old post is that it won’t be treated as a new post which might be problematic if customers search for more recent postings of the same product.

2. Add Some Variety to your Listing’s Title and Description

If you happen to be posting multiple products which might be the same but aren’t, try using a different title for your product listings and don’t add anything too obnoxious in the title.

An example of this is if you are selling the same phone but of different colors, try to properly list down the phone’s models and their color in the title.

Also, avoid adding words like “Free” in the post’s title; instead, use that in the description.

Having the same listing and descriptions in any of your products is enough for the algorithm to tag it as spam, so it is important to have some variety between your posts and not just copy-paste everything.

3. Avoid Making and Using Multiple Accounts

Another way that Facebook prevents their Marketplace from getting overrun by bots is to detect the IP addresses that use their website.

For example, if Facebook detects multiple accounts being used from the same IP address, they might flag the IP address as malicious and block it from the Marketplace.

When you plan on using the Marketplace, avoid making and using multiple Facebook accounts in the same connection as this can lead to your IP address getting blocked which has no real fix available.

4. Avoid Using Stock Images and Use New Pictures

Another reason your views aren’t showing up in the Marketplace is the pictures you are using to promote your product. If you weren’t able to guess already, the algorithm in the Marketplace values authenticity the most.

Therefore, using stock images online for your product is almost surely placing your listing as spam as anyone can get an image in Google and claim it as their own.

Furthermore, using any pictures from your old listings can also be pretty bad for the same reason.

So when making a new listing or updating your old one, make sure to take new pictures of the product and try your best to avoid the stock photos with a white and transparent background.

This shows that you have the product and set your potential customer’s expectations to see exactly what they are getting.

5. Try Posting from another IP Address

We previously mentioned that your IP address could be the reason why your product listing might be having no views.

If you happen to be posting from somewhere public, like an internet café or the public library, chances are you might’ve already been flagged as spam because of the other dozen users using the same network.

You can work around this problem by using VPNs that allow you to mask your IP address and place a product listing in that.

You can also visit and borrow a friend’s internet connection aside from your own if you don’t want to use a VPN.

Logging in and posting a product listing on another internet connection would usually fix this problem, especially if you create an IP address solely for posting product listings online.

6. Avoid Posting Too Many Product Listings at Once

Another reason why you might be experiencing this issue is that you might be making too many product listings at a time.

While there might not be any strict hard limit to how many product listings you can make within an hour or day, trying to make too many listings in your account in one go can be seen as suspicious behavior.

If you start noticing that the product listings you have been making haven’t been getting any views recently, try to cool off from making any more product listings until a much later time.

This way, the algorithm will stop flagging your account and allow your product listings to be viewed by other people.

7. Reset your Location in Facebook Marketplace

A fix mentioned in this video is to reset your location in the Facebook Marketplace. To do this, the first thing you have to do is delete all the listings you have made in your account.

Next, delete all the listings you currently have. Ensure all of your listings are finished, otherwise you might risk damaging your credibility score as a seller in the Facebook Marketplace.

If you have any pending listings make sure to complete them before trying out this method otherwise you might accidentally damage your reputation in the Marketplace.

After you delete every listing in your account, make a new listing but set the location to somewhere else.

For example, you can put anything you have for sale up in the Marketplace, and since this is a new location, the wait time for approval will be done fast.

Then, you can make any new listing you’ll be making back to your original location. Doing this will reset your location in the Facebook Marketplace and fix having no views in your account. 

8. Resetting your Seller Score in Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace Views Not Showing

The next fix you can try out also comes from the same video, which involves resetting your seller score in the market. As previously mentioned, the algorithm in Facebook tries to protect both buyer and seller.

Your product listing might not be getting any views because you aren’t a trusted seller in the Marketplace, or you don’t have good enough credit to be one. A way to fix this is to reset your seller score in the Marketplace.

To reset your score in the Marketplace, simply list a new product for sale in your original account.

Next, grab the link to the product listing and send it to a family or friend who can help you with this.

Of course, as soon as they get the link, you want to simulate someone buying the product from you by exchanging messages over some time.

Then, as soon as a comfortable amount of time passes, you can mark the original listing as sold.

Doing this should reset your seller score if it wasn’t already good or boost it slightly and fix the issue if it was already alright, to begin with.

9. Wait for your Account to Cooldown

The tip you can try out if you still experience the same issue is to just patiently wait for your account to cool down and for it to be no longer flagged.

More often than not, waiting several days or weeks will fix the problem with your account and is usually the safest option you can try once you exhaust every other option available. 

You have to wait a set number of days as your account will usually be unflagged after 1-2 weeks.

As long as you haven’t received a message from the Facebook Marketplace team telling you that your account has been banned, you can still use the Marketplace freely.

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