8 Ways to Fix Facebook Marketplace Limit Reached?

The Facebook Marketplace is a nifty feature from the namesake company that allows you to buy and sell things with other users of the platform. It is readily accessible to all users as anyone with an account can use the Marketplace.

However, some restrictions might apply to certain users as they can get limited on the amounts of listings they can put up at a time. This comes with Facebook telling you that your listing limit has reached.

If you’ve been experiencing this and want to fix the problem then give this article a read as we’ll be going over different ways how to fix Facebook Marketplace limit reached.

We will also cover on:

  1. Why does it happen?
  2. How long does it usually last?

Why You Can’t Buy or Sell Items on Marketplace Facebook

The number one reason why many users might experience having a limit placed on their listings and messages is because of the Facebook account they are using for the Marketplace. 

In Facebook Marketplace, the only requirement to join and use the feature is being over the age of 18, previously it was also required to have an account that’s several years old which prevents new users from using the feature.

This requirement has been lifted recently allowing new users to immediately use the feature albeit with restrictions.

There are several reasons why your Facebook Marketplace account is being limited and the two most common reasons are your Facebook account is relatively new, meaning that you have not had enough “milage” on that account for Facebook to “trust” you.

The second reason may be that you’re listing too many items in one day which the algorithm would then flag your account and therefore limit your actions.

Here are several ways how you can fix not being able to buy or sell items on Facebook Marketplace:

1. Avoid Using or Creating a New Facebook Account.

how to fix Facebook Marketplace imit reached

Listing limits are placed on the Marketplace to prevent spam and scams from happening too often.

Using a new account will restrict your Marketplace actions compared to using an already existing Facebook account. 

Consider using your current account instead of making a new one as it’ll be easier and more convenient as established Facebook accounts will rarely face this problem.

Facebook Marketplace has several features that allow you to keep your listings and profile private from your Facebook friends making it unnecessary to make a new account if you aim to remain anonymous from them.

2. Get a Good Rating in the Marketplace

One way to quickly fix your Marketplace listing is to have a good rating and reputation in the Marketplace. Every transaction and message conversation (whether buying or selling) allows you to rate one another.

If you happen to be selling and experience a smooth transaction, don’t be afraid to ask your buyer to give you a good star rating, likewise do the same when buying something from someone so you can help them out. 

Having good ratings in the Marketplace shows that you are reputable to not only Facebook but to everyone else allowing you to receive several benefits such as the listing limit being removed.

3. Have Some Account Activity

The age of your account is not the only factor that Facebook takes into consideration when determining if your account is an “established Facebook account”.

Account activity is just as important in proving that your account is not made by a bot or for spam. Making simple posts or sharing the posts of other people or pages is one way to generate activity in your account.

Browsing through the Marketplace, saving, and sending messages to sellers is also considered as account activity.

However, make sure to do this in moderation and proper routine as too much activity might be detected as spam by the system which can lead you to get blocked instead.

4. Sell Things on the Platform or Have Your Listings Marked Appropriately

As the primary purpose of the Facebook Marketplace is to buy and sell things, contributing to that is another quick way to fix your account limits.

Selling things on the platform will be counted as the activity which will help your account have a better standing in the Marketplace.

Furthermore, properly labeling your listings as either sold or out of stock is one way to prevent getting limited as having too many items for sale without any updates will be considered problematic in the Marketplace.

You can ask for help from family and friends in this aspect by asking them to buy your listings so you can properly mark them as sold.

5. Be Patient and Wait

A more simple approach to fix the problem is to simply wait until your restriction gets lifted.

As you might be able to read from the notice, the listing limit is only temporary and once a certain amount of time has passed, you will be able to make another listing.

If you have the patience to wait you can opt to do this.

6. Avoid Making Too Many Listings

A tip you can keep in mind to not get your listings limited is to avoid making too many listings in one go. This is because making too many listings can get you marked for spam which can get your account restricted in the Marketplace.

Additionally, make sure you don’t have too many active listings by making sure that you properly delete old listings or appropriately label listings that have been sold in the past.

Properly putting labels in your Marketplace listings makes your profile look more professional and cleaner.

7. Send a Report to the Facebook Team

A more direct approach you can take with getting your limit removed is sending a report to the Facebook team.

Sending the team over in Facebook a report addressing your concerns with your account getting limited in the Marketplace is one potential way to fix the problem as it is something that can only be solved by the logistic team.

Sending a report is especially useful if your account happens to be restricted despite being an established and reputable account in the Marketplace. A report can be sent through the Facebook app in your menu under the “Help & Support” tab.

Tapping on “Report a Problem” and selecting the Marketplace and writing your situation along with a screenshot is enough to get your account listing limit lifted.

8. Sell Multiple Items in a Single Listings

This is more of a workaround with the limit but if you are still restricted from making multiple listings in a day, you can try to sell multiple items in a single Facebook listing.

An example of this is selling different versions of the same products and adding the specification like the individual products and their prices.

An example of this is selling multiple copies of different Nintendo switch games in a single listing compared to making an individual listing for each copy.

This allows you to have multiple items up for sale despite only having a single listing made.

How Long Does the Facebook Marketplace Limit Usually Last?

While there might be no official statement from Facebook, the Facebook Marketplace listing limit usually lasts from 1 – 2 days when you reach the limit.

This restriction will gradually ease up as you continue to use the Marketplace and as your account gets older. 

This means that from being able to only make 1 listing every other day, as you continue to use your Facebook account and the Marketplace, you will be able to make 5 listings as your limit every other day until you reach a point where you won’t have a limit on the amount of listing you can have.

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