How to Find Facebook Marketplace Old Listings That Have Been Sold?

Facebook Marketplace is a feature in the same namesake platform that allows you to buy and sell things online.

Buying and selling are made convenient with Facebook Marketplace through several features such as the ability to save listings and keeping track of your Marketplace history.

These features come in handy in different scenarios, such as ones where you want to compare prices or check the legitimacy of someone.

In addition, using these features allows you to check things you have sold in the past and things that others have sold on the platform.

You can try these several methods to find sold items in the Marketplace as they are normally not displayed or recommended to you.

If you’ve been having difficulties with finding Facebook Marketplace’s old listings, then give this article a read.

First, we’ll go over how to find Facebook Marketplace old listings, even ones that have been marked sold.

How to Find Facebook Marketplace Old Listings That Have Been Sold?

There are 3 methods you can try to find old listings in the Marketplace marked sold. Each method is useful in different scenarios, 2 of these methods we’ll be explaining below, and the third method will be explained here in this article.

Method 1. Through your Saved Listings 

The first method is through the listings you saved and haven’t deleted. To do this, open up the Facebook Marketplace in your Facebook app. 

Afterward, open your Marketplace profile menu by tapping on the profile button near the search function.

Scroll down until you find the “Saved” tab, tap on it to bring up listings you saved in the Facebook Marketplace. All you need to do now is find the listing you are looking for. Saved listings that have been sold will have an indication.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can find old listings in the Marketplace using this method.

1. Open the Facebook Marketplace

To access the Facebook Marketplace through your Facebook app, tap on its icon found in your app’s menu. The icon should be the third one from the left. Tapping on it will redirect you to the Marketplace home page.

2. Tap on your Marketplace Profile

On the Marketplace homepage, open your profile menu by tapping on the user icon found beside the search icon in the upper right corner of the page.

Your profile menu contains several details related to your commerce profile, such as your listings, history, and saved listings.

3. Tap on “Saved” in the Profile Menu

On your profile menu, scroll down to the “Buying” category. Under the buying category, tap on the “Saved” tab to view listings you have previously saved in the Marketplace.

Tapping on the button will bring up a page that contains all of your saved listings in the Marketplace, where you can quickly access any listings found here or have them removed if you wish to do so.

4. Find the Marketplace Listing

Find the old listing you want to view in your saved listings tab. Listings here that have been sold will have a “sold” indication besides the item’s price.

Tapping on the listings here will redirect you to the original page of the listing with the item’s details and price intact.

Method 2. Through your Marketplace Inbox

The second method to find old listings is through your Marketplace inbox.

Sending messages and interacting with each other in the Marketplace creates a unique conversation for each listing which you can use to access old listings.

Like the first method, to find your Marketplace inbox, open your Marketplace profile menu by tapping on the profile button.

Afterward, find the “Inbox” tab, which should be right under your commerce profile. Tap on it to open your Marketplace inbox.

You can switch between conversations by tapping on the buttons found at the top. To open a conversation, simply tap on it in the inbox.

In your conversation with the seller/buyer, you can access the listing by tapping on the tab found at the upper portion of the page. Tapping on it will redirect to the marketplace listing.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can find an old listing in the Marketplace using this method.

1. Open your Marketplace Profile Menu

In Facebook Marketplace, open your profile menu by tapping on the profile icon found in the upper right corner of the page.

You will redirect to a menu that contains several categories and tabs that allows you to manage your Marketplace profile.

2. Tap on “Inbox” in the Profile Menu

Underneath your Commerce Profile, tap on the “Inbox” tab to access your Marketplace inbox. This inbox is different from your usual inbox as it will only contain conversations made through Facebook Marketplace.

3. Select Your Conversation Category

There are two buttons at the upper portion of your inbox that says “Selling” and “Buying.” Tapping either button swaps your inbox list between these 2 categories.

Selling involves listing you made and received messages for and buying has conversations of listing you bought or sent messages to

4. Tap on your Conversation

Find the conversation that contains the listing you want to view and tap on it. This will bring up a page similar to Messenger, Facebook’s companion app.

5. Tap on the Listing Found At the Top of the Conversation

The upper portion will contain a tab with the listing and an option to rate the seller in the conversation. Tapping on the tab will redirect you to the page containing the Marketplace listing.

How to Find Sold Comps on Facebook Marketplace? (Method 3)

Sold comps, short for comparable sales, is a popular feature in eBay that allows its users to compare prices that the same items have been sold by different sellers.

This lets you make sure that you are getting priced just right when trying to buy the same item from someone else.

A feature similar to this exists in Facebook Marketplace but can’t be directly used. To find sold comps on Facebook Marketplace, open up the search bar and type in the name of the item you want to check and search it.

Afterward, click on the Filter button found in the upper right corner of the result page. In the filter menu, scroll down until you find the Availability category.

Under the Availability category, change it from “Available” to “Sold.” This will refresh the page and show only listings marked sold with their details intact.

This method also allows you to view old listings that have been sold in the Marketplace and act as the third method.

Below is a step-by-step guide on finding sold comps on Facebook Marketplace.

1. Search your Item on Facebook Marketplace

In the Facebook App and Facebook Marketplace, tap on the magnifying glass icon found at the upper right corner to access the search function. Type in the thing you want to compare the prices of. 

Specify your search keywords as you might get mixed results with general terms. For example, instead of typing in “Smartphone” as this is too general, use the phone’s model name and brand to narrow down the results. 

2. Tap on Filters

how to find old listing on facebook marketplace

As soon as your search results have popped up, tap on the “Filters” button found at the upper right corner, just below the search bar.

This will bring up another menu to narrow down the results even further. Again, you can customize this to match your preference for the item.

3. Change the Availability to Sold

To filter out sold items from the available ones using this function, scroll down to find the “Availability” category. By default, this is set to “Available,” but another option beside it named “Sold” allows you to view sold listings of the item you searched for.

Change the filter for availability from “Available” to “Sold” by tapping on the button to highlight the option.

4. Confirm Changes with “See Listings.”

Confirm your changes by tapping on the “See Listings” button found at the bottom of the menu. This will refresh the page and apply your search filters.

For example, if you changed the availability to “Sold,” you will only see sold listings on the Marketplace.

Listings here will contain the original price of the item and their details completely intact when the listing was sold.

You can use the prices found here to compare the prices of available stocks of the same item on the Facebook Marketplace.          

Can You See Items Sold By Others on Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, it is possible to view items and listings sold by others on Facebook Marketplace. However, the answer can change depending on if you are friends with the person or not.

This is because Facebook Marketplace has an option that prevents friends from viewing your listings in the Marketplace. If this option is enabled, then you won’t be able to see that particular listing.

To view listings made by others on Facebook Marketplace, simply open any listings they have made and tap on the profile found under seller information.

This will bring up their commerce profile, where you can view all of the listings they made on Facebook Marketplace.

Unfortunately, unlike listings that have been saved, there are no indications available that tell whether an item is marked sold or not. The only way to know is to open each listing and check there.

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