How to Find Deleted Pictures on Discord

In Discord, it is possible to delete any messages that was sent to the server. Discord allows for any messages that were sent to be deleted.

These could be recently sent ones or even old ones, and it also allows you to delete pictures or even files on Discord.

However, despite being able to delete messages, there is no built-in function that allows you to recover deleted messages.

As a result, it becomes problematic when something like a picture gets deleted without any backups available.

While deleted pictures might look to be lost forever, it is possible to recover them.

Here in this article, we’ll go over how to find deleted pictures on Discord. 

How to Find Deleted Pictures on Discord?

To find deleted pictures on Discord, you need to download Cache Monkey and run it as Administrator.

After that click on “scan cache” and once it’s done scanning all your phone will show up.

Next, select the picture that you wish to recover and save it.

Once you have it saved you would just have to go to the folder where you saved your picture.

Deleted pictures in Discord might look like they’re lost forever; however, it is possible to recover them since pictures are saved internally as cache.

The reason why this happens is because of Chromium which is what Discord was built with.

The process of saving something as a cache is purely automated because it allows Discord to load data faster, which are the pictures. 

Here are 5 steps to find deleted pictures on Discord:

Step 1. Download Cache Monkey

Cache Monkey is a program that can browse and automatically convert any cache files on your Discord folder.

We highly recommend using this application over going through your files and manually converting them using the command prompt.

This method avoids any potential damage or risks when it comes to going through the sensitive parts of your system.

The application is compatible with both Mac and Windows, so find and download the right version and install it.

Without an app like Cache Monkey, cache in Discord can only be viewed like this:

Step 2. Run Cache Monkey as Admin

As soon as you finish downloading Cache Monkey, right-click the application and select “Run as Administrator.”

This is to prevent any potential problems that might cause the app to work properly because they don’t have the necessary permissions to browse through your folders.

Step 3. Select Scan Cache

On Cache Monkey’s home page, you will be greeted with four options (Scan Cache, Purge Dump, Purge Cache & Purge Cache & Dump).

Click on the first option (Scan Cache) to start the application feature of scanning and converting your cache into actual files. 

As soon as the scan is finished, the right portion of the app will show all the pictures and videos in your cache.

In addition, several tags will also appear underneath the original scan cache option, which, when clicked, will automatically filter the files to the corresponding format.

Find Deleted Pictures on Discord

Step 4. Recovering The Picture

When you find the picture that you want to recover from the file list, click on it to enlarge the picture and show extra options on what to do with it. 

If you want to save the picture in its original format, selecting the “Quick Save” option will immediately save it to the file location the app was set to.

Additionally, you can click on the “Export” option instead if you want to save it somewhere else other than the default save location.

You can view the default location for your files in the Settings tab in the last option that says “Save to Pictures Directory.” You can change this to a more suitable place if you want to.

Step 5. Go to the Folder you Saved the Picture.

To view the pictures you could recover, simply go to the folder where you saved them.

They should be there in their specific formats and can be resent or reused. 

Cache Monkey Additional Options

The three other options in Cache Monkey are usually used for cleaning and file management.

Since cache is still files, they can take up some of your storage space. The app itself will also consume a bit as the converted files are stored locally.

The three other options allow you to ease up your computer space by cleaning up your Discord cache as well as Cache Monkey Data. The three options and their functionality are as follows:

  • Purge Dump – Only cleans up Cache Monkey’s Data
  • Purge Cache – Only deletes your Discord Cache
  • Purge Cache and Dump – Cleans BOTH Cache Monkey’s Data and Discord’s Cache

Can You Find Deleted Pictures on the Discord Mobile App?

As of the writing of this article, there is no way to find deleted pictures on the Discord Mobile App. Reason being, unlike the desktop version of the app, Discord mobile doesn’t locally store cache if at all.

Accessing Discord’s data on Android will only show you pictures you took using the Discord app’s camera. Additionally, showing hidden files won’t also show any files, which would indicate cache are being stored internally.

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