Good Facebook Gaming Chat Rules to Copy and Paste

Interacting with your audience/chat is one of the most fun parts of streaming. Chat messages are a constant feature in many streaming platforms like Twitch and Facebook Gaming.

Interaction between the streamer and their chat keeps the stream alive and makes it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

One of the best ways to maintain this welcoming and enjoyable experience in a stream is by adding and enforcing chat rules for your viewers to follow.

This assures that your chat will always be on its best behaviour and make your stream all the better.

This article will discuss how to add Facebook Gaming chat rules and several chat rules you can copy and paste for your stream.

How to Add Chat Rules on Facebook Gaming

With the release of an updated article in 2020, Facebook Gaming has a new chat rule feature through a toolkit that allows anyone to have chat rules for all their live streams.

To enable the Facebook Gaming chat rule, you first need to access the Creator Studio through the link

In your Live Dashboard, click and go to the “Tools & Settings” tab to find the settings to enable chat rules.

Once you are in the right tab, scroll down to see the “Chat Rules” section. Click on any of the preset chat rules to have them enabled.

After selecting from the preset chat rules, you can scroll down to preview what the chat rules popup will look like.

This popup will appear to anyone who is commenting for the first time, making them know the dos and don’ts of your stream. 

For custom rules, you can have them written in your stream’s description or by pinning a comment you made at the start of the stream.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to set up and add chat rules on Facebook Gaming

Step 1. Open the Creator Studio

To access the toolkit and feature to enable chat rules for your Facebook Gaming streams, you need to open your Creator Studio. It can be easily done by clicking on this link.

Clicking on the link will immediately redirect you to your Live Dashboard under your Creative Tools.

This contains all relevant information, statistics, guides, tools, and settings that your stream can apply and use. Additionally, you can also start a live stream using this page.

Step 2. Click on the Tools & Settings Tab

From the Live Dashboard, click on the “Tools & Settings” to open the tab. The Tools & Settings tabs contain shortcuts to your page’s settings, your community managers, and moderation tabs, as well as the chat rule function for any of your streams.

Step 3. Select your Chat Rules

Facebook Gaming chat rules have 8 preset chat rules that you can choose from, which are as follows:

  • Be Accepting
  • Respect Boundaries
  • Don’t Criticize
  • Don’t Be Rude
  • Don’t Flood the Chat
  • Don’t Self Promote
  • Keep it Clean
  • No Profanity

The preset rules are generalized with a short description underneath them to explain the rule. You can click on each rule’s corresponding circles to enable/disable them for your stream.

Enabling this function will create a popup for first-time viewers when they first comment on your stream. Of course, this popup has to be accepted, or they won’t be able to comment on your streams.

A preview of the popup will be shown in the bottom portion of the section.

Custom Chat Rules on Facebook Gaming

The previously shown chat rule feature in your Creator Studio is incredibly handy as it allows content creators in Facebook gaming to set chat expectations for their viewers.

In addition, it allows them to set a baseline of rules every viewer has to know and agree to.

However, sometimes these preset rules aren’t always enough, and additional custom chat rules must be mentioned to keep things in order.

Many content creators in the platform often list additional chat rules in their stream’s description on top of using the chat rule feature.

Setting a stream can be done through the creator studio by clicking on the “Set Up Live Stream” blue button found on the page.

Clicking on the button will redirect you to a page where you can configure your live stream settings and keep track of anything going on in your live stream.

To add a description to accommodate your custom chat rules, go to the left task pane and scroll down until you see the “Description” text box.

You can type in your stream’s description here, as well as add your own chat rules your viewers have to be mindful of.

Other ways you can add chat rules is through your page’s description and information or by pinning a comment that contains a list of your chat rules when the stream starts.

Chat Rules to Copy & Paste

  • Avoid Making Sexist, Racist or Other Discriminatory Remarks
  • Keep Good Vibes Here
  • Don’t Bring Any Religious or Political Discussions
  • No Sending of Any Links of Any Form
  • Avoid Having Long Conversation in Chat
  • English Only or Any Other Preferred Language in Chat
  • Avoid Using Strong Profanities (if profanities are allowed)
  • Avoid Discussing about any NSFW content
  • Avoid Bringing Up Personal Matters in Chat
  • Be Respectful to Everyone in Chat and Stream
  • Don’t Be Unnecessarily Mean and Be Kind
  • Constructive Feedback is Appreciated 
  • Everyone Can Have Their Own Thoughts and Opinions in Chat
  • Be Welcoming to Everyone and Inclusive
  • Respect and Listen to the Moderators
  • Follow the Platform’s Community Guidelines
  • No Game Spoilers of Any Kind (Real or Fake)
  • Backseat Gaming is Prohibited
  • Advice is Welcomed if I first ask for It
  • Avoid Typing in all Caps
  • Avoid Having Drama or Arguments in Chat
  • No Rickrolling allowed here
  • Avoid Sending or Spamming Copypastas
  • Avoid Sending Long Chat Messages
  • Don’t Give Out Your Personal Details in Chat
  • Remember to Have Fun and Chill Out
  • Support Each Other. Avoid Bringing Others or the Mood Down
  • No Stream Sniping or Stalking
  • Jokes Aren’t Excuses to be Rude to Anyone
  • Please Respect Anything I have to Say
  • Don’t Chat or Discuss Anything Off topic
  • No Hate speech Allowed
  • Keep the Chat Clean and Safe
  • Any Forms of Threats to Anyone Will Not Be Tolerated
  • Don’t Pretend to Be Somone. Be yourself
  • Avoid Sending any Copyrighted Materials
  • Avoid Having Weird and Uncomfortable Discussions
  • Don’t be a Dick
  • Friendly Trolling is Ok but Keep it in Moderation
  • No Product Placements
  • Avoid negative remarks like “I’m Bored” or “I’m Leaving the stream to watch XYZ”. Keep them to yourself
  • Mind your Language. Keep Things PG
  • Send Some Greetings when you Cha
  • No Trading or Selling of Any Form
  • Avoid Begging to Play With Me
  • Don’t Abuse Chat Commands
  • Avoid Prying into my Personal Life
  • Don’t Raid Other Streamers
  • Ignore, block and Report Anyone Breaking the Rules

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