How to search for Media on Discord

Part of Discord’s versatility is its numerous features that help enhance its user experience.

An example of this is the ability to search for different media and content sent to a server. Similar to how we use Ctrl+F to look for specific content in other websites or documents.

Discord’s search media function is handy and can be made even more versatile by using bots to perform functions such as searching for images or google or performing reverse image search.

In this article, you will learn:

How to Search for Media on Discord?

Discord, with its search feature, is perfectly capable of looking for different media throughout a server.

To use this search function involves using the “has:” prefix and selecting the type of media to pair with it.

The following are the arguments that can be used for the “has:” prefix:

This would include messages that have links in them. There are no predefined format links that have to be followed in Discord as long as they follow the general format of a web domain and network scheme.


Embeds are clickable entities that usually accompany links sent in Discord messages. They offer a preview of the website (or video) that the link would redirect to.

By default, all links are accompanied by embeds but can be removed if the sender wishes for them.

Additionally, embeds can also be images in the text channel if a web address of an image was sent. Discord will automatically convert any links that redirect to an image to the image itself.


Similar to embeds, files immediately relate to digital files uploaded by the users. It is anything uploaded straight from the user, such as videos, pictures, documents, and other similar entries.

This differs from links because the source of the upload is straight from the user’s storage rather than the internet. 


Videos can cover either .mp4 or other formats uploaded by the user or links that redirect to video sharing sites such as YouTube.

Entering this search argument will immediately display all links that redirect to videos or direct video file uploads.


Similar to the Video search argument, using images will display all image files uploaded by the user or from the internet. This also includes. GIF files.


Similar to the last two entries, Sound will look for files under the .mp3 and formats that a member in the server uploaded. Again, similar to videos, these can also be links that redirect to sound-sharing platforms like SoundCloud.


Stickers are a feature in many popular messaging platforms, and Discord is no stranger to this with its own set of stickers.

Using this search option will find messages that use this feature. Only official Discord Stickers can be detected with this function. 

Optimizing Down Search Results

Discord search media

While using the search function is pretty straightforward, it can get confusing and overwhelming if you can’t narrow down your results.

So let’s quickly go over how we can optimize your search result and how to do it.

  1. As soon as you find the server you want to search, click on the Search bar, which is located at the upper right corner of Discord.
  1. Type [ has: ] in the search bar, which will produce a popup with the different search arguments mentioned previously. Clicking on any of the options will immediately add it to the search bar.

If you want to search for additional files, you can add another [ has: ] prefix. Discord will search for any message that can satisfy either of the searches.

  1. To narrow down the search results, you can add other search options after. In this example here, we combined [ has: video ] with the [ from: ] search option. This will display every message from the user that contains a video.

How to Search Discord for Specific Files by Name?

While Discord’s base search engine can do the job well, it is still very limited to what it can actually find, and sometimes that’s not enough and can be time-consuming.

This can be made easier through Discordfs, a Discord bot capable of searching out any file sent to the server. 

It can search for files that have been sent before this bot was added and delete them if needed.

It also has a more advanced search filtering option than Discord, making it more versatile in comparison.

Here’s a quick guide to using the bot:

Step #1: Invite the Discordfs Bot

Visit Discordfs and click add to discord on their homepage, it should open a new webpage asking you to choose your desired server and give the Disocrdfs bot permission to access your server.

Step #2: Searching for the file

In any text channel in a Server with the bot, preferably a bot command channel so you won’t disturb other users, type the command “/search.”

You will immediately have an option with the icon of the bot. As soon as you finish typing it, several options you can use will pop up.

Simply clicking the option will immediately add it to your bot command. The popup also contains brief descriptions of each option and how they can help narrow down your search.

You can string together multiple options to narrow down a search before hitting enter to send the bot command.

We combined the author, filetype, and channel options to narrow down the results in this image here.

After sending the command, the bot will send a message with buttons that will immediately take you to the files upon clicking them.

How to Reverse Search Discord Image?

Among all the available Discord bots, Randi is one of the better Discord bots for reverse searching in Discord.

Although the bot was developed for anime and manga, it can still be used for general images as other than reverse searching through specialized sites for anime/manga; it can also use Google Images to narrow down the results.

Let’s quickly go over how to use Randi in a Discord Server.

There are two ways to search for an image using Randi. You can either upload the picture immediately with the bot command or use a link to the image to search it.

To do any of these, simply go over to the image you want to search in Discord and click on it.

Afterward, right-click on the image and select either “Copy Image” or “Copy Link.”

You can then follow these steps:

  1. In a text channel, type in the command “s: a” for all the websites available in Randi or “s:google:” if you want to only use Google Images.
  1. Afterward, paste the image you were trying to reverse search. In this screenshot, we used the Copy Image command to copy the image.
discord reverse image search
  1. As soon as you send the message, the bot will return a message with hyperlinks to different websites. Clicking on any website name will immediately redirect you to the site along with the search results.

How to Search for GIFs on Google with Discord?

Discord is partnered with popular GIF hosting sites, Tenor and Giphy. Searching for GIFs to use in Discord is integrated with the client app.

This can be done by using the /tenor or /gipsy command, respectively.

Typing the command along with your search query will immediately show you several gifs related to the search query.

Clicking on any of these gifs will immediately send it over in Discord.

How to Search for Google Image in Discord?

Among all the bots that can search for images in Discord, Jamie bot is one of the best ones for image searching. It also has the bonus of finding GIFs along with web searching in its features.

Let’s quickly go over how to use the bot:

Before we start, it’s worth noting that the bot is only capable of using its search feature in NSFW channels.

Typing it in any other channel will greet you with an error message.

In the proper text channel, type in the command “!image” and then a keyword to search.

You can also use “!gif” or “!search” if you are looking for a gif or websites that match your keyword. 

Discord image search

As soon as you type in the command, the bot will return with a random image that is relevant to what you were searching for. 

That means even if you type the command again, you will be greeted with a different image from the last.

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