What does “Pending Cancellation” Mean in Discord

Have you ever experienced problems with Discord Nitro Pending Cancellation when it comes to unsubscribing from the services?

This problem usually manifests itself with Discord pending cancellation problems, which is a cause of concern for several users across the platform.

Some might wonder if Discord is going to keep charging them during the pending cancellation period or how long would the pending cancellation period take.

It’s worth noting that every account gets the pending cancellation status when canceling Discord Nitro.

In this article, we will cover mainly on:

What does “Pending Cancellation” mean in Discord?

As the name suggests, pending cancellation in Discord means that Discord Nitro was manually canceled, the subscription is about to expire and be removed from your account.

When it comes to Discord Nitro, there are five different subscription statuses. An account that has Discord Nitro can fall under any one of these five categories.

According to this website here, the five categories are as follows:

  • Active – This status means that you have an active Discord Nitro subscription with no foreseeable problems in the future. It also means your payment for the next subscription was also properly received.
  • Pending Payment – This status is an indication that you have a subscription for Nitro, but your account is waiting for payment. This is usually for newly re-subscribed accounts or new Discord Nitro subscriptions.
  • On-Hold – This is similar to the previous status but differs from the former as this status is placed on users whose payment was suspended by Discord.
  • Pending Cancellation – This status is placed when a subscription is manually canceled or is about to be canceled as the Discord Nitro subscription is about to run out.
  • Canceled – As the name implies, this status is saved for accounts that no longer have Discord Nitro active.

Furthermore, as stated herein Discord’s support page, a pending cancellation can also refer to a charge to your payment method, card, or PayPal, which was unsuccessful.

Discord pending cancellation can happen for several reasons, such as an existing request/ticket to unsubscribe from Nitro or an issue from your bank/card provider which requires extra verification to fix.

Furthermore, pending cancellation can also mean that your account is about to reach the “Cancelled” status, as we previously mentioned.

A pending cancellation can be regarded as a transition phase before the “Canceled” status as the status itself requires your current Discord Nitro subscription to have passed the date your payment needs to be renewed while also not paying for any further renewals during that time window.

This is explained briefly in this Reddit post.

These two scenarios describe the main reasons why you would see Discord pending cancellation in your account.

You can check if you have the pending status in your account by following these steps:

discord pending cancellation
  1. In User Settings under Billing Settings, select Billing.
  1. Inside the Billing section, you will see your account’s Transaction History. The transaction history will contain the list of all the payments made concerning your Discord account. This would usually include all the times that Discord Nitro would charge your account.

Furthermore, you can also check if you have any pending cancellations by checking your current Discord plan.

This can be seen in the Discord Nitro option in the same Billing setting under the User settings option.

If the previously mentioned conditions happen in your account, a pending cancellation will be placed in the bottom portion of the Discord Nitro banner.

How Long Does a Pending Cancellation Take on Discord?

According to the page we previously mentioned, it will take around three days for the cancellation to be acknowledged by Discord.

Conversely, if the money is charged by accident to your payment method, it will take approximately 5-10 business days for the charge to fall off and be refunded.

The three-day time also extends to server boost, as seen in this Twitter post by Discord.

Can I repurchase Nitro while it’s Pending?

Yes, you can. Since the two scenarios usually cause pending cancellation, we described earlier where it is caused by the user manually canceling the subscription or if the subscription is about to end with no further payments made.

Additionally, in the same support page previously, with payment requiring further verification/authorization on your side.

Repurchasing Discord Nitro after canceling

As mentioned before, you can immediately buy an additional month of Nitro or subscribe to it again without much trouble. This can be done by following these steps:

Step #1: Go to User Settings

In the Discord app in User Settings > look for the billing settings

Select the Discord Nitro option

Step #2: Choose Nitro Version

On the Discord Nitro page, you can decide which 2 versions of Discord Nitro. Discord Nitro Classic (found in the bottom portion of the page) and Discord Nitro that you wish to subscribe.

Alternatively, you can visit the Discord Nitro homepage to do the same thing as you can immediately view the prices there to your convenience.

Clicking on the “Subscribe” button in either option will generate a prompt asking which plans you would opt to take.

Selecting either plan will then ask which payment type you would like to use for your subscription

Step #3: Enter Payment Information

It will then ask you to enter your credit card information or confirm your PayPal account.

When you successfully finish the payment procedure, Discord Nitro will be added to your account.

As we previously mentioned, this can be viewed and confirmed in the Subscription options in the same settings.

You can see all the essential details about your account and the date when your subscription will be automatically renewed or placed pending cancellation and then canceled if you fail to do so.


How to Fix Not Being Able to Boost Servers After Cancelling Nitro Subscription?

A feature that comes along with Discord Nitro is the ability to boost servers.

Server boosts are a way for people in the server to work together to improve and unlock perks and features.

Server boosts are unique from one server to another, and the accumulation of boosts per server is usually referred to as levels, capping out, and Level 3.

In this other Reddit Post, with Discord pending cancellation, a user finds himself unable to boost a server, telling them to “Cancel your pending plan change before buying boosts.” 

This happens because Discord Nitro provides a discount to server boost (which usually costs around $4.99/Month, which can be found in the Server Boost option in Billing Settings).

Unfortunately, this requires you to either wait out for Discord to fully cancel your Discord Nitro subscription or re-subscribe to the service which will cancel the pending cancellation.

A workaround for this was also mentioned, and they are as follows:

  1. In User Settings underneath Billing Settings, select Server Boost
  1. On the Server Boost page, you can see several servers you are currently a member of with Discord
  1. Find your “Unused Boosts,” click it, then select which server you want to boost. This is done by selecting the three dots seen at the unused boost.

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