How to Get Someone’s IP From Discord [2021 Guide]

In recent times Discord has become a central gathering hub on the internet. From what started as an app to communicate with friends during your relaxing or otherwise intense gaming sessions to a place where large communities can grow and thrive.

I personally spend my downtime there with close friends.

Discord’s success as an online communication platform is attributed to how accessible, convenient and efficient it is for socializing.

Due to this success, however, Discord has become a potential platform that hackers can utilize for scams to steal personal and sensitive data such as one’s IP address.

How to get Someone’s IP from Discord?

An IP address is basically your network’s ID that makes it unique from the rest.

While Discord for the most part is secured, hackers generally employ third-party software to steal data.

It is one of the things that hackers try to get from you in an effort to steal more private and sensitive information.

In this article, we’ll definitely cover if how easy it is for someone to get your personal IP address and how to prevent them.

Grabify IP Logger Method

Here’s how this method works:

A common and simple method to grab someone’s IP address from Discord is using the website:

How to get someone's IP address from Discord
Click the image for a clearer view

First, to start, find any usable link that you can use. This link can be any link that you want the target to go to after clicking it.

For the purpose of this article, I used the discord nitro page as the prospect of a free Nitro is a common scam. After adding it to the website, click one create URL

Afterwards, you will be redirected to this part of this website with the URL akin to “….”. This page will contain all the information and data of the newly generated link along with anyone who would click on the link alongside their credentials.

To grab someone’s IP address they would need to click on the URL found in the “New URL” tab and after ticking the “SmartLogger” option.

You can scroll down to the “Results” portion of the page and can freely view the IP address and any related credentials to it.

Now, no one would obviously click on a link that contains the domain name “” as the hacker’s intention would be made clear.

This issue, can easily be alleviated through the use of URL shorteners such as and which are readily available in their website

You can use the newly generated shortened link in Discord and many other websites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

As a feature with Grabify is that the link doesn’t have to have the domain name when it is clicked which is why it can be masked by multiple link shorteners or domain handlers and still provide the capacity to track the clicker’s IP address.

The remaining step is to send the newly made URL to multiple users.

This can be done by dropping it in “general” chat or privately sending messages to each user using a throwaway account usually accompanied with things such as a promise of a free game or most commonly a free subscription of Discord Nitro. An example can be like this:

Social Hacking Method

Social hacking can be described as manipulating someone through social interaction such as talking or chatting to divulge sensitive and discrete information.

In Discord, this can be employed by hackers through impersonating tech support or a representative from Discord.

Once you come into contact with one, they usually tell you that there would be malicious behavior on-going in your server or they detect unusually high traffic coming from your IP address.

For those who aren’t technologically inclined, this might seem like a logical reason to divulge one’s IP address, the attacker can guide the victim on how to find their address and send it back to them.

Always remember, there is never a reason to give anyone at all your IP address even if it would involve repairs.

An IP address is normally used for one’s online activity and rarely can be used for repairs and such unless absolutely necessary.

Furthermore, for more complicated scams. I personally experienced getting a random message from a bot in Discord from a friend’s server.

It was called “Versace” and it promised me free Nitro and a game along with a convincing embedded link

This message has numerous red flags that we should be wary about.

For example, it came from a bot and not a user, another example is the promise of something that would require money without any affiliation to Discord or anyone trustworthy.

If the deal is too good to be true, then most likely it’s almost always a scam.

The bot/account has long been deactivated due to numerous reports and malicious activity.

Is It Possible for Someone to Get Your IP from Discord?

Discord is safe and secured as it uses a client-server architecture, where the clients (us) are connected to a server (discord) where all of our information is kept locked and safe.

Furthermore, all links and images are proxied through their system, increasing security. You can read more about it here.

However, while Discord itself is safe from attacks, the users are vulnerable to workarounds such as the previously mentioned method.

In some articles and sites online, you might’ve read about people talking about Discord IP Grabbers, they also include using a Discord IP Resolver as a method for IP hacking.

This is another method utilized by attackers in Discord to grab your IP address as it asks for your ID.

The website has a detailed explanation on how it works and the things it needs alongside the steps.

To run through it quickly, the site utilizes a unique ID assigned to you, not the numbers that come after your name like Sky#1234, but an ID that can only be accessed by turning on developer mode.

The ID is inputted into the site and an IP address is generated making it possible for your IP address to be obtained from Discord albeit it being unnecessarily more complicated than the last.

How to Prevent someone from getting my IP in Discord

After learning about this, you would be asking how can we prevent someone from getting our IP address or how can I hide something that is easily obtained from a single mistake.

1. Using a VPN

A VPN is one of the best ways to hide your IP address as it can be confusing and very misleading to hackers.

For the non-tech savvy, VPNs essentially hide your IP addresses by moving your connection around a chain of networks from multiple places making it difficult to track back to you thus hiding your identity.

Most of the good VPNs such as NordVpn or SurfShark offer this service and more but require payment.

It is, however, a good investment as it not only increases your security in Discord, but also safeguards you from other malicious sites and web content.

There are also free options such as TunnelBear which is just as good as the paid VPNs albeit with certain limitations.

You’ll have to face it. Nothing is really free online and if the offer is too good to be true, just pretend there wasn’t an offer at all. Nothing you can get online is worth compromising your security and safety.

You can always ask anyone if the link is safe or doesn’t look suspicious to them.

In the previous entry here I mentioned a bot that attempted this scam, luckily enough there wasn’t any damage as we asked around, verified and came to a consensus that this is definitely out of place as we received the same messages.

Additional things you can do to improve account security are:

  • Setting up Two-Factor Authentication
  • Making it so only friends can send DMs
  • Changing your password if your account gets compromised
  • Generally being aware of any ongoing scams and exploits


To conclude this, grabbing someone’s IP from Discord would be a relatively easy feat for someone if they know how to bait their target into clicking the onto links.

I hope this article helps to show you how you can try and grab someone’s IP address on Discord and also ways you can prevent someone from getting yours by being more cautious on Discord.

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