How to Change Font Size & Font Styles-Discord Font Formatting Guide

Changing of Fonts on Discord has always been a way for Discord members to better interact with each other & express themselves.

This rise in popularity of Discord can be credited to its simplistic and minimalistic font formatting design, coupled with its user-friendly interface that makes it easy to get a hang of.

You might hear or have some complaints about Discord’s interface, such as the font being too small to read.

Or you want to glamour up your Discord to be something more personalized whether it be either or both, those reasons we have you covered here in this guide for Discord font formatting.

How to Change Font Size on Discord

It comes as no surprise that staring at the small-sized text for an extended period can get pretty nauseating.

Although Discord’s default size is well enough, for some users like myself for example, who have monitors with the 1920×1080 resolution, a small Discord text size can get pretty strenuous on the eye.

Changing the font size to something more suitable helped me with this issue, making my experience more enjoyable.

How to Change Font size on Discord Desktop

  1. Under User Settings and the App Settings, select “Appearance.”
  1. In this portion of the settings menu, you can see several options that can change how your Discord would look like
  1. For the font size in particular, you’d want to go over the “Chat Font Scaling” portion of the menu

You have three options to change form, and they are as follows:

Chat Font Scaling

This option is pretty straightforward as it changes the font sizes Discord would use.

The default value is 16px and you can choose between 12px, 14px, 15px, 16px, 18px, 20px and 24px.

If you aren’t sure which one to choose, you can try them out and see which one fits your screen the best. 

The font sizes themselves follow the same size in apps such as MS Word or Google Docs if you want to get a feel of the font.

Furthermore, the larger the font size you choose, the bigger emojis used along with the font will get to match it.

Emojis used with text will follow the exact size resolution as its text, but emojis sent alone will retain their maximum size.

Space Between Message Groups

Space between message groups is basically how far each unique message would be apart from each other.

A message group is when the same user sends another message uninterrupted in a short period, essentially grouping them into one.

Additionally, a space is made when another user sends a message if the previous user wasn’t themselves.

Combining both characteristics creates unique message groups for each user, thus the need for this settings option.

Same as before, it is denoted by a different don’t scale that is similar to the chat font scaling. The size of the space per message is the same as the font size.

I recommend keeping it in the default value, so your screen doesn’t get too cluttered.

Zoom Levels

The last option among the three is the zoom level. As the name implies, the zoom level changes Discord’s UI scaling with the increasing number, making Discord closer and bigger.

I recommend changing this option first before changing the font size, as both options are dependent on each other.

Having the option set to the smallest zoom level lets you see almost everything on your screen, albeit with some font size constraints.

However, the inverse is true when set to the maximum, where it will zoom in so much that everything is compact and claustrophobic.

Finding the right balance between the three Discord font formatting options is vital in improving your UI experience.

I enjoy the default settings, although I use 18px font so that I don’t need to strain my eyes too much and as I mentioned before, adjust the zoom level to something you like before adjusting font size and message space.

How to Change Font Size on Discord Mobile

  1. . To start, you can access the user settings by tapping on your profile icon on the lower right of the screen.
  1. Scroll down to the App Settings portion of the app and select “Appearance.”

What makes mobile different from the desktop version is that you only have Chat Font Scaling available. Furthermore, it uses the zoom level rather than the font size.

You can increase and decrease the font size by moving the slider to the right or left, respectively. An image with a sample of the font size is shown below for your convenience.

How to Change Discord Font Types

As from this post in Reddit, Discord utilizes several fonts such as Whitney, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, and Arial across their app with the logo using a modified Uni Sans font.

While Discord doesn’t explicitly have any Discord font change features, Discord Font Generator websites such as or allow you to input text and copy it over in Discord to send as a message for a quick Discord font change.

As explained in lingojam’s home page, fancy fonts and the like are made possible because of Discord’s text system. More of that will be explained later.

Simply put, the fonts being used in lingojam are universal language fonts in the Unicode Standard, which is something Discord and many other text-based apps and sites use.

If you feel like spicing up your messages or even channels in your Discord server you can do it by following this. 

  1. In the website lingojam, input the text you want to convert on the left pane.
  1. As soon as you start typing in letters, in the right pane you’ll start to see iterations of the text you type converted to fancy fonts
  1. Simply highlight the one you want to copy and paste it into Discord then proceed to send it 

How to Style Text on Discord

As we previously mentioned, Discord uses Markdown for text formatting. Markdown uses a set of symbols to regulate how text will be displayed. Using Discord text formatting to your advantage can make for some fancy elaborate posts such as this one:

If you are interested in doing some Discord font formatting to improve your messages, you should try out applying some styles to it. You can read up about the feature here on Discord’s official site or watch this video for a quick rundown.

You can view each style by highlighting your message and waiting for a popup to appear.

In order, they are: Bold, Italics, Strikethrough, Quotes, Code Block, and Spoiler.

You can select the option here directly if you want to apply the particular style to the highlighted text.


Discord has 4 basic styles for font formatting you can apply. You might be familiar with them as they are usually used in documents.

The styles are italics, bold, underline and strikethrough or a combination of these styles.

Here is a table guide on each style and the command used along with them 

StyleSymbolKeyboard Shortcut
Italics* asterisk *CTRL + I
Bold** double asterisk **CTRL + B
Underline_ underline _CTRL + U
Strikethrough~~ tilde ~~None

You have to start with the symbol, enter the text you want stylized, close it with the corresponding symbol, or simply highlight the text and perform the keyboard shortcut associated with the style.

These 4 are the basics of Discord text formatting.

Code Blocks

Code blocks in a Discord font formatting style are usually denoted as text highlighted with black and more robotic font size. It is generally performed by using the backticks (‘) symbol.

You can type in the symbol once or thrice to apply different styles of code blocks.

One backtick will highlight the text in black, which is usually used for one line of code.

Three backticks are used when you have more than one line of code and want to group them in a box.

As someone who studies coding, this feature is handy as it helps distinguish code commands from explanations when needed.

Furthermore, a feature with Discord is when you send any compatible file used for coding. C, .java, and the like.

Then, Discord will automatically convert it to a code block, making it very convenient to view.

The screenshot above shows how a code preview is displayed in Discord using the code black text formatting.


Quotes are denoted with using the greater than (>) symbol. The command generates a line blockquote with the next text.

Similar to code blocks, you can either input the command once or thrice to single out one text or group them together respectively.

Colored Text

The developers added a feature to Discord several years ago to highlight.js and the Solarized Dark theme, which gave Discord its signature black look.

Like fonts, however, there is no real way to change the text color in Discord, but it is still possible because of some exploits with how Discord font formatting functions.

As Discord is a web-based application, it utilizes HTML and CSS to how things are displayed. HTML and CSS are coding languages typically used to build web pages.

Through using some CSS coding and commands, you can add some color to some text, albeit with some limitations.

In this Reddit post online, there are several commands listed along with their corresponding color.

I compiled them in a table here along with the keyword and a prefix symbol if they need it.

Light GreybrainfuckNone
Solarized Greendiff+ or !
Solarized CyanyamlNone
Solarized Blueini[ ]
Solarized YellowfixNone
Solarized Orangecss[ ]
Solarized Reddiff

As the colors can only be accessed through coding languages you have to follow a specific format to send a colored text.

  1. For starters, you have to set a code block group using the triple backtick command
  1. One the first line enter the keyword of the color you want to use.
  1. Using Shift + Enter, to go to the next line. In this portion, you type in the prefix symbol, if any, before typing in your text. For the brackets you want to enclose the text using it.
  1. Using Shift + Enter again, close the code block command in the next line with another triple backtick then send the message.

As coding is a sensitive language, make sure to follow this style of entering text otherwise it won’t work. You are also limited to only writing in code block Discord text formatting as the feature of changing colors isn’t naturally integrated into Discord.


Spoilers are font formatting found in Discord f that require the user to click on the black box covering it to view the text. It is usually denoted using the two vertical bars (||)

As the name implies this Discord text formatting is usually used to hide messages not everyone wants to read.

This can be things such as movie spoilers or more sensitive topics.

You can also apply the same effect with pictures by ticking an option before uploading it

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