How to Disable Invite Links on Discord Server

Discord servers are spaces on Discord made for a group of friends or even for online communities. Most servers follow an invite-only system where you need to enter a unique link to join it.

By default, anyone in the server can create an invite link to send to other people using other social platforms and even Discord itself.

While the feature is nifty for increasing your server population, it can get abused and downright annoying when you might accidentally invite trolls or when someone spams an invite link to another server in your server.

Here in this article, we’ll cover different ways you can disable invite links on your Discord server and how to manage your Discord server so that the feature won’t be abused.

Although the feature to create server invites is available by default, fortunately enough, it is possible to turn it off for your server to prevent any random member from making invite links to your server.

This allows you to keep track of your server and avoid any malicious accounts from entering it.

To disable the feature for anyone to create an invite link in your server, you first have to open your Server settings and click on the Roles tab.

Then, click on Default Permissions, which should be the @everyone role found at the bottom of the role list.

After selecting the proper role, search for the “Create Invite” permission and turn it off.

Click on Save Changes on the pop-up that appears to apply it to your entire server.

Now that the feature is disabled for everyone, only the server owner or members with roles with the feature turned on can create an invite link for the server.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can disable server invite links on Discord.

1. Click on Roles Tab in your Server Settings

To find the option to modify roles and permissions in your server, click on the downward-facing arrow beside your server’s name, then click on the Server Settings option.

You will immediately find the Roles tab right under the Overview tab.

Clicking on the roles tab will redirect you to a list of all the roles in your server where you can create new ones or modify old ones.

2. Select the Default Permissions (@Everyone)

The first option in the Roles tab is to edit the default permissions in your channel.

Clicking on it will take you to the Permissions tab of the @everyone role, which should be at the most bottom portion of the role list.

Changing anything here will affect any member in the server who doesn’t have a role assigned to them.

Any changes in permissions here can only be ignored if a role of a higher degree is assigned.

3. Turn off “Create Invite”

Use the search bar to search for permission to create server invites by typing in “Create Invites.”

This will immediately show the permission, which is under the Membership Permissions category.

Turning the feature off will only make it so that only the server owner and anyone with a role with the permission turned on can make server invites.

Members who attempt to create invites will not even see the option to make one.

It should be noted that even though the feature to create an invite was turned off, invites that were already created and not yet expired are still valid.

Therefore, turning off the feature doesn’t invalidate all the old invites. 

On top of the guide above, below is another step-by-step guide on how you can deactivate active Discord server invite links.

1. In your Server Settings, find the Invites tab

In your Server Settings, go over to the Invites tab, located at the bottom part of the list under the User Management category.

Opening the link will show a list of all the invites made for the server.

Each entry contains the member who made the invite, the channel the invite redirects to, the invite code (which is added to the end of the “” link), and the number of uses along with the expiration date.

Go through the list until you find the invite link you wish to be deactivated. You can usually base this off on the inviter.

Hovering over the entry will show an X mark at the upper right corner of the entry which when clicked, will remove the access from the link and deactivate the invite.

Click on the X mark to deactivate the invite link.

Be aware that there won’t be a prompt confirming that the invite will be deleted. Instead, the entry will simply get removed without any warning, so make sure you remove the correct entry.

As we previously mentioned, it can get annoying when someone spams another server’s invite link to your server. It is made all the more annoying if they joined the server for that specific purpose.

Discord doesn’t have a built-in feature that can automatically block server invites being sent in a channel, but this is still possible through Discord bots.

Firstly, go over and add Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot (YAGPDB) to your Discord server.

Under the Tools & Utilities option, click on Basic Automoderator.

Click on “Enable Basic Automoderator” and hit “Save.”

Go over to the “Server Invites” tab and enable the function.

With the bot and function turned on, any server invites sent in the Discord server will get automatically deleted and, with enough violations, ban the user that abused the feature.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can prevent members from sending another server’s invite link on your server.

Step 1. Add YAGPDB to your Discord Server

You can find the option to add the bot at the top portion of the website. 

Clicking on the option will redirect you to the bot’s control panel. Select the server you want the bot to be used. 

This is found in the upper right portion near your profile icon. You will be shown an overview of the bot and several tabs on them, which can be used to configure the bot.

Step 2. Turn on Basic Automoderator

Clicking on the Tools & Utilities tab will show several options to choose from.

For example, selecting Basic Automoderator will show you a tab containing the feature with several other tabs for extra options.

Turn on the automoderator by clicking on the Enable button in General and hitting save to apply it. 

The header for the option should change to “Automoderator Enabled” to signify the change was successful.

Go over to the server Invites tab of the Basic Automoderator and click on Enable.

The feature turned on will immediately delete any messages containing server invite links.

The first option here is how much time is needed for any violations to be removed.

The following few options are what happens after a certain number of violations are reached. After that, you have the option to mute, kick or ban members.

The last 2 options are exceptions for the server, such as whitelisting specific roles or channels for sending links.

After setting up everything the way you want to, click on “Save All Settings” to apply the settings to your server.

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