How to Disable Changing Nicknames in Discord

A fun thing you can do in different Discord servers is changing your nickname on each server. So you can have unique nicknames on each server aside from your usual username. 

Nicknames in Discord servers are always a fun thing as you can nickname yourself something like an inside joke in the server or if you don’t like your username that much. 

Although this is usually the case, sometimes nicknames in Discord servers can be of poor taste or generally annoying.

Additionally, it might sometimes be hard to find a member on the server if they constantly change their nicknames and profile pictures.

One of the best things you can do to prevent this is by disabling the changing of nicknames.

Here in this article, we’ll go over how you can disable changing nicknames in the server on Discord.

How to Disable Changing Nicknames in Discord?

If you want to prevent your members from changing their own or other member’s nickname in Discord, you would need to modify your server’s default permissions.

To disable nickname changing, you would need to find the Roles tab in your server’s settings. Then, in the Roles tab of your server, click on Default Permissions.

Afterward, look for both “Change Nickname” and “Manage Nicknames” permissions using the search function & Disable both permissions.

Disabling “Change Nickname” will prevent members from changing their nicknames, and disabling “Manage Nicknames” will prevent members from changing the nicknames of other members.

Now that you have disabled both permissions, members in your Discord server will not be able to modify their nicknames or the nicknames of other members. 

Below is a step-by-step guide on disable changing nicknames in Discord.

1. Open the Roles Tab in your Server

To find the Roles tab in your server, simply click on the Server Settings option, which can be accessed by clicking on the arrow found at the header of your server’s channel list.

You can find the Role tab directly under the Overview tab. Clicking it will show you a list of all the roles in your server, as well as the option to modify the default permissions

2. Click on Default Permissions (@Everyone Role)

As previously stated, to modify the default permissions in your server, select the “Default Permissions” option to modify it.

You will be immediately redirected to the Permissions tab of the @Everyone role, every member on your server.

Changing anything here will affect every member in your server unless they are server admins.

3. Disable “Change Nickname” and “Manage Nicknames” Permission

Using the search function, look for the 2 permissions you have to disable to prevent members from changing their nicknames.

The 2 permissions that must be disabled are as follows: “Change Nickname” and “Manage Nicknames” Permissions.

disable nickname change on Discord

Both permissions are found under the “Membership Permissions” category. As soon as you finish disabling these permissions, click on the “Save Changes” option to immediately apply it to your server.

Can you Change other members’ nicknames in Discord?

If you disabled the default permissions for changing and managing nicknames, it would be impossible for any member to modify their nicknames on the server.

Furthermore, they also won’t be able to change the nicknames of other members.

However, changing another member’s nickname on Discord is still possible if you are a server admin or have a role with the previously disabled permissions enabled. 

To start, create a new Role for your server. You can customize this role however you want.

Next, go over to the Permissions tab of the role and find the “Manage Nicknames” permission and enable it. 

You don’t have to enable the “Administrator” permission as it is not a requirement to do this. 

Now that you have made the role, all you need to do is assign the role to members you want to change nicknames on a server.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can let members change other members’ nicknames in Discord.

1. Create a New Role

Going back to the Role tab, instead of clicking on Default Permissions, click on “Create Role” to add a new role to your server.

You can customize this role’s color and name however you want, as the most important thing to do is change the role’s permissions to allow nicknames to be changed.

2. Modify the Role’s Permissions

As soon as you finish customizing the role to your liking, go over to the role’s Permissions tab.

Using the search bar or just by scrolling down, look for the “Manage Nicknames” permission and the “Change Nickname” permission and enable them.

You don’t have to give the role Administrator access as it is not a prerequisite to change nicknames in your server.

However, you can still enable it as administrators have full control over the Discord server, which includes changing the nicknames of other members.

Step 3. Assign the New Role to Members in Your Server

After creating the role, the last step you have to do is to assign them to members in your server.

To change the nickname of members in your server, go over to the member list of the server, which should be at the right portion of the server. 

Find the member whose nickname you want to change or modify and right-click on them and select the “Change Nickname” option.

A small popup will appear to type in the new nickname for the member. Furthermore, you can also reset the member’s nickname to their default username if needed.

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