How to Create Scheduled Events on Discord

Part of what makes Discord a successful platform is that you are allowed to interact with different people from around the world.

Community servers and Stage channels are recent additions to Discord’s growing list of features with an even newer feature of Discord server event.

Discord Events are a recent addition to servers, making it possible to plan, announce and run events. This makes it easier to plan out activities for the day, week, or even month without having to constantly remind your members.

In this article, we’ll go over how to create events in Discord on Desktop as well as the mobile version of Discord, along with some alternatives you can try out if you do not see the create event feature on your server.

  1. Create Discord events on Mobile
  2. Create Discord events on Desktop
  3. Discord create event feature not showing

How to Create Scheduled Events on Discord

To create an event in your Discord Server, you will need to click on the arrow next to your server’s name, over there click on the “Create Event button” ; then select your location you want your event to be on; key in your event info and once you’re done click “Create Event”.

Over here we’ll go over the details step by step on creating events in Discord:

1. Go to your downward arrow next to your server and click on “Create Event”

In your Discord server, in the server’s channel list, click on your server’s name.

This will generate a drop-down list containing several commands you can use to modify your server. Select “Create Event”

create schedueld events for discord

2. Choose the location for your event

A popup window with several tabs will appear. The first tab determines the place the event will be held. They are as follows:

  1. Stage Channel – uses a stage in your server.
  2. Voice Channel – any voice channel in your server
  3. Somewhere Else – this is a text box where you can input anything to refer to the event’s venue. You have the option to write a text channel’s name, an external link, or even real-life places.

Select any one of these categories to proceed to the next tab.

3. Enter your Event information (Title, Description, Date & Time)

The next tab is where you will enter brief information about your event. Event Topic refers to the title/name of the event. 

Underneath the Event Topic is the Start Date and Start Time. Clicking on the start date will show a calendar with the date you are making the event as the default day.

Clicking on any day/square in the calendar will automatically change the start day. 

Clicking on the Start Time will give you a drop-down box with several options for the event’s start time, each with a 15-minute interval.

You can also manually input the time of the event after clicking on the option if the preset values are not to your liking.

The date and time for an event are also automatically converted to the person’s local time, so there’s no need to worry about any time zone mishaps and shenanigans.

If you select the third option for the event’s location, an option for the event’s End Date and End Time will appear.

You can configure this the same way you did for the Start Date and Start Time.

4. Review your event before Clicking Create Event

The last portion of this tab is the Description box which is where you can place any additional information about the event. These can be things to bring, what exactly you are doing and how long the event will last.

The last tab of the window will show you a preview of the event. Clicking on “Create Event” will save it to your channel’s event channel.

Additionally, you are given a link that you can share with anyone (even members not on the server) to join the event.

The last step you have to do is post an announcement of your event for everyone, so they’ll know what’s going on.

You can have an announcement channel for this and add the link from the event to it for easier access.

Edit Your Event

To view the event you just created, you can go over to the event channel. It is usually placed on top of the channel list beside a calendar icon instead of the usual number sign (#). 

The channel’s name will reflect the number of events currently planned, and clicking on it will show a list of upcoming events on the server and the people who are attending it.

Furthermore, in the event channel, you can also create events by clicking the “Create Events” button found at the top of the popup window.

Additionally, by clicking on the three dots beside the share button, you can see a list of options you can do with the event, such as editing, canceling, or starting the event if you want to start it immediately rather than waiting for the ending time.

When an event is ongoing, a status will be placed on top of the channel list signaling that an event is happening.

To end an ongoing event, simply return to the event channel, and a button saying “End Event” will appear.

Finished events will be automatically deleted from the list, and any links that refer to the event will be inactive and marked “Event is Over.”

Other Methods for Creating Events

Aside from the method shown above to create an event, it is also possible to create an event directly from a community stage channel in Discord.

You can find the option to make an event this way as soon as you enter a stage. You will see the option to create an event underneath the first option.

Selecting the option will bring you over to the same popup window with the stage you are in as the default venue for the event.

How to Create Events on Discord in Mobile

Like the Desktop version of Discord, creating an event in mobile is similar, but the option to do so can only be found in the Event Channel. 

Let’s quickly go over the steps on how to create an Event on Discord in Mobile

1. Tap on your event channel

In your Server, tap on the Event Channel. This will cause a popup to appear on the bottom portion of the screen that is similar to the desktop popup window.

In upper right corner of the popup window, tap on “Create” to start making an event in Discord

2. Choose your event location

Similar to the desktop version of Discord, you will be going through 3 tabs, with the first one being the event’s location. Choose one of the options and tap next.

3. Set date & time for your event

Same with the second tab from Desktop, you will be asked to add information about your events like the title, start date and time, and the description.

In a similar fashion as before, you are given a preview of your event before officially publishing it. You will also receive a link to the event, which is functionally the same.

Same as before, all that’s left is to announce the event to everyone and pass the information around.

Controlling and managing events in mobile is extremely similar to the Desktop version, with the controls such as starting or ending the event in the same place (as well as being able to create an event through a Stage channel).

Why is Discord Create Event Not Showing

Even though creating an event in both versions of Discord is easy, there is still a chance to encounter some problems along the way.

In this portion of the article, we will cover several questions and problems you might encounter while setting up an event.

Why is “Create Event” is not showing on my server

According to Discord’s official support article for scheduled events, the feature is still being rolled out.

The feature is only available for a small percentage of servers. You aren’t able to find the feature because it is not yet available on the server you are on.

Discord create event not showing

There is no way to fix this problem as of now. As you can’t even force Discord to have it added to your server other than waiting until your server receives the feature.

However, there are several alternatives you can try out to plan events for your server.

Using Apollo to Create Events in a Discord Server

One of the best alternatives we found is Apollo which can help you plan out your events in the same way that Discord’s Event feature does on top of posting it for you and many other features. 

Here is how you can create events in Discord through Apollo:

1. Type the command !event

In the server you want to create the event, type in the command “!event” on the channel you want to post the event. 

Apollo will send you a private DM asking you where the event will be posted and where to post the announcement. Type in “1” since we are already at the channel where we want to post it

2. Enter event’s tile & Description

Afterward, you will be prompted to enter the Event’s Title and Description.

3. Choose your Signup options

You will then be asked to choose the signup options for the event. It is possible to customize this, but for this article’s sake, we’ll go with the default option, which is 1.

You will then be asked for the maximum number of attendees for your event and then your time zone.

Afterward, you can set the time of the event. You are given several options and ways to set the time, but the general format for setting the time is the last option.

Additionally, you can also set the duration of the event if you want to and if you want the event to be repeated. Input the command however you wish to set up the event

4. Customization of your event

The last option is mostly for advanced customization for the event, which we’ll skip.

As soon as you finish all the steps above, Apollo will send a message to your server for the event with all the details you entered.

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