How to Know If Someone Denied Your Friend Request on Discord?

Sending and receiving friend requests in Discord is a feature that has been around for some time.

Just like all over social platforms that also have the feature, being friends in Discord allows you to privately chat with one another and even keep track of each other’s activity.

Additionally, you can also see which mutual servers you and your friends are in voice chat with and even join games through Discord with their recently released feature.

However, friend requests sent over Discord can be denied and ignored, whether by accident or intention.

In such cases, you wouldn’t know that your request is denied because maybe the request didn’t show up or your request was just simply ignored.

Here in this article, we will be showing how to know if someone denied your friend request on Discord, along with other questions you might have about it.

How to Know if Someone Denied your Friend Request on Discord?

In Discord, there isn’t a strict indication or notification that will tell you that your friend request has been denied.

That is because the receiver of the friend request has two options to choose from when they get a friend request: either accept it or ignore it. 

If you want to know how to check if your request was denied, your best bet is to send them a DM.

If they set their Discord to only allow DMs from friends, attempting to send a DM with this turned on will fail to send the DM along with a message from Discord’s official bot explaining the reason and your message turning red.

To turn the feature on/off, you can find the option in your User Settings under the Privacy & Safety tab and the “Allow Direct Messages from Server Members” option under the Server Privacy Defaults category.

Can I Still Add the Person if they Denied My Friend Request?

Yes, it is still possible to add someone even if they have denied your friend request. However, it is only possible if they haven’t blocked you.

If you are blocked in Discord, any messages or friend requests sent will automatically get ignored so the other person won’t be bothered by notifications and prevent spam.

If you want to resend a friend request, you must cancel your current friend request, which should be in the “Pending” tab in your friend list.

As soon as you cancel it, you can resend a friend request for the other person to accept this time.

When you Denied a Friend Request on Discord, does it Notify the Person Who Sent the Friend Request?

As we previously mentioned before, there are two options that someone can choose when they get a friend request.

If they choose the latter to ignore it, the friend request will get removed from their pending list while remaining on the sender’s pending list, which will be indicated with “Outgoing Friend List.”

By ignoring the friend request, the sender of the friend request will not know that their friend request was denied at any point in time.

The original friend request will remain in their Pending tab until they cancel it themselves and attempt to resend a friend request, as seen in the screenshot.

If I accidentally sent someone a Friend Request on Discord, then Cancelled it and Blocked Them. Will they know?

In both the desktop and mobile versions of Discord, a notification will appear indicating that you have received a new friend request.

The notification can come in two forms which are the classic red dot in Discord and push notification.

For Desktop, the Push Notification will usually appear at the side of your screen, indicating that you received a friend request.

On the other hand, a notification will be placed in the Pending tab with the person’s profile indicating an incoming friend request which can be seen in this screenshot.

The same applies to the mobile version, with a notification appearing at the top of the application and a red dot notification in the Friends tab on the system tray.

Additionally, it is only possible to receive the push notification if you are online in Discord. In particular, for the mobile app, you would need to be in the application itself to receive the push notification.

The red dots are the only consistent way to know if you have received a new friend request as they appear whether you are online or not.

Knowing this, if you might accidentally send someone a friend request on Discord but decide to cancel it and then block them if they aren’t online, they won’t know that you sent them a friend request in the first place.

That is because as soon as you cancel the friend request, the red dot notification in Discord will also immediately disappear.

Furthermore, they also wouldn’t know that they have been blocked by you as there isn’t any notification that would indicate this.

However, it would be entirely different if they were online when you sent the friend request.

That is because they will receive a pop-up/push notification along with the corresponding red dot notification indicating that you sent them a friend request.

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the push notification unless they have the feature turned off.

But it is still possible to cancel your friend request immediately after you sent it to remove the same red dot notification and the friend request.

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