How to Always Win on Kahoot

Kahoot! is a game that you and your friends can play together online. The fun thing about Kahoot! It is not only limited to educational purposes but it can also be used for other purposes, such as a fun trivia quiz game for you and your friends to enjoy.

Kahoot! It is generally a fun game, but sometimes you can get competitive and dominate the competition.

The difficult part of trivia games is that they are usually very niche topics and questions, and Kahoot is no different.

While winning in Kahoot requires a vast knowledge of many things, it is possible to always win in Kahoot! without that much difficulty.

In this article, we will show how to always win on Kahoot! and a Kahoot win hack you can use to secure victory.

How to Always Win on Kahoot

To always win a Kahoot game, you need to be in a game of Kahoot and have website opened up in two separate tabs.

The theme/keyword of the Kahoot game will be flashed as soon as it starts. Once you know what it is, return to Kahoot’s website.

On the Kahoot website, go over to the “Discover” tab and type in the keyword in the search function.

Select the Kahoot that matches your game and open it. To know the answer to each question, click on “Show Answers” found in the upper right corner of the page.

Now all the answers for each question will be revealed on each slide. So you can use this page as a guide to help you win the Kahoot game.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to always win on Kahoot using this method

1. Join a Kahoot Game & Wait for it to Start

The first thing you should do is to join the game of Kahoots! you will be playing. After joining the Kahoot! game, wait for the game to start.

When your game of Kahoot! starts, the quiz’s title will be presented to everyone in the same way.

So take note of the quiz’s title, as this will be important for the next step.

2. Go to & go to the “Discover” Tab

On another browser window, go over to Kahoot’s website for creating/hosting Kahoot! games. You can access the website using this link here.

You will be required to already have an account to access the site. If you don’t already have one, make sure to create an account in advance. You can use any of the sign-in options to make this faster.

Once you’re on their website, go over to the “Discover” tab by clicking on it at the top portion of the web page.

3. Go over to the “Discover” Tab

Once you are on the Discover page, go to the search bar and type in the title of the Kahoot! game you joined back at the first step. Then, make sure to follow it exactly to narrow down the results.

4. Select the Kahoot Library you are Playing

how to win in kahoot all the time

After you’ve searched out the Kahoot! game you are playing, select the Kahoot! library that has the same title as the one you are playing. If you searched for the exact title, the library you are looking for would be the first one.

5. Click on “Show Answers”

always win in kahoot

After picking the right Kahoot! library, you will be greeted with the slides used for each question. Clicking on each slide will reveal the question and its choices and answers.

To view all of the answers for the Kahoot! click on the “Show Answers” found at the upper right corner of the webpage.

Every slide will then show the question and their corresponding answers, which you can use to answer your way through the Kahoot game and secure victory.

Note: Do Keep in mind this method will not work if the game is private as it will not show up on the Discovery tab.

Does Kahoot Randomize Questions?

By default, Kahoot doesn’t randomize the order of the questions for the game. However, there is an option to have the order of the questions be randomized.

This can only be configured before the Kahoot game, and it cannot be modified while a game is ongoing.

To have this feature to randomize Kahoot questions turned on, when you (or the host) is initially setting up the game, there is an option to allow for not only having randomized order of questions but also having their respective answer’s order get shuffled.

The option to have those features turned on can be found underneath the Game options as seen here:

Turning either option on will scramble and shuffle the order of the questions on the Kahoot game but will only really affect the order and not the questions themselves.

The questions for that game will remain the same, albeit in a different order from its original order.

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