How to Add Authorized Apps to Discord?

Discord’s versatility provides a unique approach to this shortcoming by integrating it with other applications.

Despite this versatility, it can’t replace other platforms such as Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Trello, and other apps, as Discord can’t offer the same quality of service that these apps deliver.

To put it simply, if you authorize Discord apps to your account, then you would be able to use Discord in conjunction with the application.

In this article, you will learn how to add authorized apps to Discord and how to de-authorize them.

How to Add Authorized Apps to Discord?

Under Discord’s Authorized App option in the settings, we are presented with a list of authorized apps in your Discord account.

To manually add the applications on the list we have to go to the specific application’s website; click on the add to discord button and you will be prompted by Discord to authorize the app.

Furthermore, along with the app listing, it also has the app’s description and permissions, which is the data the app has and its degree of control over your account.

A complete list of the said permission can be found here.  

Authorize Discord Apps

The main reason we have to use webhooks to authorize apps is that there are too many apps out there and Discord doesn’t have an official list or tracker for them

So instead, it falls on the app’s developer or other third-party developers to add in Discord integration.

The process for this can be found here. Going back, with this knowledge, the only way to authorize Discord apps is to add them from the app’s website.

A prime example of adding and authorizing a Discord app is MEE6.

1. On MEE6’s homepage, we see an option to “Add to Discord.”

2. Clicking on the button would open a new popup window prompting you to log in to your Discord account.

3. As soon as you enter your account details, you will be greeted with a prompt showing you the app’s permissions with a blue button on the lower right saying “Authorize.”

4. Clicking on the button will immediately authorize the app to link with your Discord account. You can go over to Discord to check the Authorized Apps list, which will show the newly authorized app, which in this case is MEE6.

Most apps that are compatible with Discord will follow the same process of authorizing apps.

Compatibility with Discord will usually be explicitly mentioned on the site, along with the Discord’s logo serving as a hyperlink for authorization.

Another example of this is the giveaway site, which has its app as part of Discord’s integration feature after signing up and logging in.

Aside from app developers adding Discord integration themselves, as we mentioned previously.

App Integration Using Discord Bots

Third-party developers can allow for otherwise incompatible apps, be integrated into Discord.

Examples of such are Zapier and Both sites make use of Discord bots in your server to work with app integration.

These bots also apply with MEE6 and many other applications in Discord as they essentially serve as the middle man between Discord and the application.

For the former, you can follow these steps to add the service to your account.

Please take note that you would need to create an account in the respective site is needed to make use of it.

1. In the site’s discord integration tab, click on the button that says “Connect to Discord to 4000+ Apps.”

2. As soon as you sign in, you will be redirected to a page on the website to connect the app. Make sure to set the app as Discord, and the trigger event, then click on Continue

3. You will then be prompted to add a Discord, click on it will produce the same popup window, except along with being prompted which permissions the app has access to, you will also be prompted which server to add the bot

4. As soon as you finish, you will see the bot added to the server and the Zapier added to the list of authorized Discord apps

At this point, you can decide what the app can do as directed by the website, which is a guided process, so it won’t be difficult to understand.

For linking games with Discord, you can also check our guide here on linking Discord with Among Us.

How to Deauthorize Apps on Discord?

Deauthorizing apps from your Discord account follow the same process for both the PC and mobile versions of the app.

Deauthorizing the app will mean that you will lose all future and ongoing access and features associated with the app.

It will also require you to go through all the steps before reauthorizing the application to Discord.

Make sure to think twice before deauthorizing an authorized Discord app.


1. Underneath the User Settings in Discord, select Authorized Apps.

2. As we previously stated, all the listed apps here are all active apps that have access to your account as well as the associated information its permission has stated

3. Hovering over an app’s entry will show a “Deauthorize” button in red at the upper right portion of the entry.

4. Clicking on the option will prompt you if you want to deauthorize the app. Selecting Deauthorized again will immediately remove the application from the list

You don’t need to refresh the Discord browser for the de-authorization to take place as it doesn’t mess with any of Discord’s internal files.


For mobile, the process remains the same as the list of applications are all found in the authorized apps option.

Click on your profile icon found at the lower right > User Settings >Authorized Apps

The only difference is that a red cross mark is in the place of the deauthorized button.

Tapping on it will produce the same result with a prompt confirming the de-authorization.

Is it Safe to Connect Apps to Discord?

Generally, it is safe to connect apps to Discord as long as the app’s source is reputable.

Authorized apps can only have access to the permissions you give them.

For example, MEE6 cannot read your message or impersonate you as stated in the authorization tab.

However, some apps can have access to this permission which needs you to be wary of what the app does that requires access to your messages and send messages as you.

Always make sure that the app you are trying to authorize to Discord is from a reputable and credible source.


There’s a couple of things that you need to take note of when adding/authorizing apps with your Discord account.

First, do a search on google for the app and check if there’s any bad press about them.

Second, check the permission that the app is asking for before authorizing the app.

Both tips above should help you filter out apps that are trying to siphon your personal information out from your account.

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