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We love tech and the internet with everything it brings with it, be that connecting with our friends around the world or playing a VR game next to each other.  We use this site to help share our passion & addiction to all things tech and the internet with the world. 

All of the contributors at Eleckron.com are passionate about tech and the internet. We hope that our articles and write-ups help you find exactly what you’re looking for, whether that’s the how to find a girlfriend on social media or simply just limiting your digital footprint on the internet.

We are constantly testing methods and how to’s to help our readers with their daily life. A cheesy way to put it would be “We’ll do it so you don’t have to”.

On a serious note, all the how-to methods shared on the site are carefully tested and updated regularly to make sure that our readers get the most updated and useful content out of our articles.

If you love technology as much as we do then you will be sure to find something that interests you here at Eleckron!



Jarell Lim

Jarell Lim

Jarell is a passionate digital marketer for over 5 years.

He has experienced multiple social media platforms and grown into an experience where the whole subject line would be digital marketing and everything related to social media.

Having tested various social media platforms himself, he is best suited for putting his insights across and give his proper knowledge about social media.

Jarell Lim

Jarell Lim

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